Why Holiday Villa East is THE place for your retirement!

HVE Offers Award-Winning Retirement Living For Independent Seniors.

HVE Has Free Local Transportation.

HVE is designed exclusively for independent seniors who want the luxury of hotel-style living within a homey, life-affirming environment. You’ve worked most of your life, now it’s time to get something more out of your retirement. You deserve a care-free, enriched, maintenance-free lifestyle. HVE supplies all the necessities of life. We provide a warm, supportive community where you genuinely matter. From the moment you enter HVE, you have a “welcome home” feeling, from the staff, residents and the place itself. You’ll have plenty to do in this beach community with your new buddies and “family.” At HVE, you’ll have a place to sit back and call home – where you can enjoy your life to its fullest.

HVE Is Location Friendly.

HVE is just blocks from the ocean in beautiful Santa Monica. We’re conveniently located to hundreds of shops, the famous Santa Monica Pier, the Promenade Galleria, Museums, St. Johns Medical Center, SM UCLA Medical Center and countless other locations – all within reach with our free local shuttle. Should you have the need, our driver is trained in handling mobility assistance devices. If you feel like taking a stroll down to the local coffee house, you can feel completely at ease. HVE boasts a very safe neighborhood. Our amazing weather and beach community make HVE a premier location to call home.

HVE Is Family-Owned And Operated.

By being family-owned and operated, you can deal with a HVE family member. We strive to offer you exceptional, high-quality, personal service within a caring, homey environment. Our goal is to help you live a rich, rewarding life, enjoying all that HVE has to offer. We want you to feel at home as we welcome you into our great, big extended family.

HVE Is Rent Controlled

HVE is the only rent-controlled senior retirement community in the Southern California area. We’re affordable for most everyone, as we try to work within your budget. You can count on our continuing low rates while you enjoy our wonderful beach community.

HVE Offers Award-Winning Accommodations

We have a reputation for excellence, offering award-winning hotel-style living with a caring, home-like atmosphere. In an industry that often offers cold, expensive, impersonal rooms, HVE stands apart. We offer you a place to call “home.” We have spacious 1- and 2-room air-conditioned, cable-ready, private suites just waiting for you to personalize with your favorite things. Utilities, housekeeping and linens are included with laundry available. We have plenty to do – entertainment, educational, artistic and exercise classes. When you feel like some fresh air, just walk outside to the spacious garden courtyard and soak in some sun, smell the flowers, breathe in the ocean air. It’s all for the taking. At HVE, your safety is paramount. Fully staffed for all your independent living needs. Each suite is equipped with an Intercom security system and a pull-cord alarm and grab bars in your bathroom. All in a safe neighborhood just blocks from the beach.

HVE Offers Restaurant Style Meals

HVE offers restaurant-style dining, with 3 delicious meals offered daily, in our private dining room. We also cater to special diets such as diabetic, heart healthy, low sodium, vegetarian and kosher-style. All meals are nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious! You’ll not want to miss another meal.

HVE Has Lots Of Activities

Additionally, we offer exercise, Yoga, Tai-Chi and art classes, entertainment, educational courses, wellness, lecture series, discussion groups and exercise workout rooms – that’s only the beginning! How about our impromptu music and dance nights, not all activities are scheduled. Often, you’ll find our residents in a heated board game, matched against the staff or discussing politics over coffee. HVE believes in nourishing your body, mind, spirit and soul. We celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, religious occasions and special events, with family encouraged to attend. We make a mean birthday cake and matzo ball soup. When you want to reach out to your family and friends, we have computer and Internet access. It’s all here for your enjoyment. If you should like some extra treats, we can arrange that too. How about a relaxing massage, new hairstyle or music lesson. Just about all you desire is available for a reasonable fee. You’ll not be bored or lonely at HVE.

HVE Has Free Local Transportation.

HVE offers free transportation around Santa Monica and surrounding neighborhoods. You can use our shuttle for shopping, visiting the Santa Monica Pier, Museums, even a trip to the local Starbucks or Ben and Jerry’s. Take a buddy or two along, make a day of it. Maybe skip down to the beach. Meet an old friend for lunch. (It’s up to you) If you should happen to need assistance, our driver is trained to handle mobility assistance devices.

HVE Takes Care Of All The Daily “Chores” Of Everyday Living.

No more hassles. No more shopping, cooking and housekeeping. We do it all. Forget about utilities, insurance, maintenance or association fees. At HVE it’s all included in our affordable monthly fee. You just sit back and enjoy life.

HVE Means That You Are Not Alone.

HVE boasts a relaxed beach community lifestyle. All you’ve to do is walk out your door and there is always someone to share a cup of coffee, play a board game or just take a stroll. For those times when you do want some solitude, we have a movie and book library, and a garden patio chair waiting for you.

HVE Has A “Revolving” Door Policy.

You may come and go as you wish. It’s your home. Day out, long weekend with family, vacation with friends. No problem. Just let us know when you’ll be back so we won’t worry. Of course, our door is always open to your family and friends who may come and visit; we encourage it!

HVE Supports You And Your Family.

We’re here for you! We take a vested interest in how you’re doing and your happiness with your Holiday Villa East life. We try to offer you the best life possible, free from stress and worry. If you or your family have questions or concerns, our door is always open.

HVE Has The Knowledge To Help You Make An Informed Decision.

Our professional staff are expert's in senior living and the differing needs of each individual’s unique situation. She’ll sit down with you and explain all the intricacies of living at Holiday Villa East. You’ll feel as though you have a deeper understanding of the process, your stress and worry will diminish. Come in for a visit, take a look at the suites & grounds, chat with the residents and enjoy a delicious meal. See how comfortable you’ll feel at HVE, and how different we are from other places. You’ll have the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether HVE is the right community for you. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

HVE Has The Resources To Get You Additional Help Should You Need It.

Should assistance become necessary, we can help you with our vast resource pool of outside care agencies, care managers, independent private nurses, mobile physicians and care givers to assess needs and get the right outside help within your budget. One of the reasons for choosing HVE is that you can rest easier knowing that we are here for you at the different times of your life. We want you to get the best from your HVE experience. You can rest assured knowing that you can count on HVE as your safe haven.

HVE Boasts Satisfied, Long-Term Residents.

At HVE, you feel at home. A home that is full of people who genuinely care about you. All the necessities of daily life are taken care of, all you do is sit back and enjoy yourself with your newly found friends, living the good life. There’s something for everyone. This care-free lifestyle shows in the health, happiness and longevity of many of our residents. We at HVE must be doing something right. Long-term residents are quite common, some of whom were here for almost 25 years. Just ask Jack, our Guest Greeter at 104 years young or, Lily, our 96 year young model room model. We offer you a peaceful, meaningful life at HVE. Just come in for a visit and see for yourself how we can be your home too.

COME ON BY take a tour of our facility, meet our residents. You’ve even get lunch.

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