5 Ways To Enjoy A Senior Living Community in Santa Monica

Seniors in Holiday Villa East

Age is nothing but a number and old age is but a state of mind. When you hit 70 or 80 okay but when you hit 90, you should celebrate — not only because reaching a ripe old age means you’ve survived it all, but also because celebrating your senior years can actually keep you young, and in the process, allow you to live a better quality of life.

What happens when you need to make that move from an apartment you’ve lived in for decades and into a senior living community? No major change, really, just that you’ll be living in a community with people similar to your age group. The unfamiliarity of a new community will, of course, be a little daunting at first, but once you settle in, you can truly have the time of your life. And here are five ways to make the transition to an independent living community easier and more enjoyable.

1. Pick the right senior living community

Naturally, you’ll want to pick the ideal community, where seniors get to kick back and relax in a comfortable environment and have access to all the necessary assistance they will need. Santa Monica’s Holiday Villa East not only provides seniors with such a relaxing environment, but our award-winning community also does it in great style.

Consider the fully furnished one to two-room suites we offer, which will allow you to live in hotel-style luxury but without the heavy price tag. These rooms are, of course, cable ready so you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies at the click of a button. Aside from the pleasing accommodations, we also provide seniors with all types of activities, from art classes to exercise programs.

And to top it off, we are just minutes away from the beach!

2. Socialize and get to know your neighbors.

Our senior community is home to a diverse group of people. You are sure to make new connections and forge lasting friendships. So socialize and get to know your neighbors. After all, the whole point of living in a “community” is to not be alone.

3. Play board games, join classes and make it a daily habit.

Studies have shown that mentally stimulating activities can decrease your risk of neurological decline. So keep your mind alert with, art, music, current events or games that boost your brainpower.

At Holiday Villa East, we not only encourage such programs and games to be played at your leisure, but we also put together competitions, like our Scrabble tournaments. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can play off against the residents or our staff.

4. Join a fitness or wellness program — or join them all

Staying fit is another way to socialize with your neighbors in Holiday Villa East. Our exercise classes will not only look after your physical state but also boost your mental and spiritual well-being. Don’t think you can’t do our yoga or Tai-Chi class because it was designed for YOU!

5. Have a fun day out

And finally, explore what our location has to offer. With our free and public transportation, you and your new friends can have a fun day out around Santa Monica and the surrounding neighborhoods. You’re just 17 blocks from the beach so a quick stop to the beach to see the sunset is doable. Then it’s back to your safe and comfortable home in Holiday Villa East.

Why Choose Santa Monica For Your Retirement

Santa Monica is one of the most beautiful spots in California. It has a fantastic view of the ocean, the “hills” are just nearby, and practically all the conveniences that people want are just walking distance or a short drive away. Likewise, the place is always bustling with activity – the pier, in particular, is a favorite destination due to its various attractions; there are cool coffee places and stores for affordable shopping. No wonder young people love to come and spend their free time here in Santa Monica — and these may also be the reasons why it’s such an ideal place for senior living as well.

Most elderly folks do not want to spend their retirement in a place where they’re constantly reminded of being in the winter of their life. After working hard for most of their years, they want to use this time of freedom to finally experience the things they used to be too busy to accommodate into their schedule. For such folks, senior living at Santa Monica is the perfect arrangement for that brand of life where they can live happily to the fullest.

Holiday Villa East: A Full Life For Retirees Without The High Cost

Holiday Villa East is an ideal place for senior retirement especially for those who want the comfort and luxury of hotel-style living. You won’t be finding uniformed nurses and caregivers here, unless you hire them yourself, because Holiday Villa East does not offer assisted living – most people come here to live as normally and independently as possible, which is its main attractive quality.

Our facility is best described as “regular” but with great style and convenience; there’s beauty all around which is highlighted by the awesome SoCal weather, and first-class services such as daily meals prepared by highly trained chefs, housekeeping, linen and concierge services, free local transportation (because we know there’s an abundance of activities to be enjoyed in Santa Monica that everybody wants to go out for), and tenants even get a nice workout area where they can sign up for different exercise programs to maintain good health. Plus, our rooms are spacious and tenants can design them according to their preferred aesthetics.

And last, but perhaps our best offering, is that all of these elements of a good life can be had for just a third of the cost of staying at a typical assisted living facility. It’s great for the budget, and if you want your pension to be used for activities and things that you want for personal enrichment and enjoyment instead of just the “necessities,” our facility will definitely save you a lot of money to direct toward those wants.

Most people tend to think that retirement is the end, but here at Holiday Villa East, retirement is the start of something new and the perfect opportunity yet to live an indulgent but sensible life. Contact us today at (310) 829-5904 or schedule a tour of our senior living community conveniently based out of the beautiful Santa Monica and discover everything we have to offer.

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