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We have made many friends over the years and invite you to read what they are saying about us.

I am writing to thank you so much for the love & care you gave to my mom over the past several years. I know mom could be a tough cookie, but I also know that she responded to your love, so much so, that many who saw her recently said she was a changed woman. I suppose the “Senior Power Hour” class may have been instrumental in drawing her out & helping her to establish such close bonds. It makes me feel so good to know that mom is in such good, compassionate hands.
Seniors Enjoying Santa Monica
C. Steiner
I found this key in my mothers handbag & it reminded me of what a wonderful experience she had while living there. During her lucid moments at the nursing home, she remembers her good times at HVE and speaks of it fondly. I’m only sorry she waited so long to come to you because she certainly enjoyed every moment there. Thank you.
Christine M.
An Accent on Seniors survey noted that Miriam is groomed, sociable, happy & comfortable in her room. The staff are attentive, caring communicative and “fabulous”. The physical plant is clean, odorless & “everything is great.” The food & activities are good & enjoyable and overall very satisfied. On a personal note: “we are very happy- My mother’s attitude has totally changed from depressed to lively!! I would be delighted to refer Holiday Villa East to my friends & Family.
Thank you for the wonderful attention and care you and your staff have given to my sister, Phyllis while at Holiday Villa East. I know she was happy & made the right choice for a retirement home. I too share the same feelings and plan to join your establishment, some day.
Thanks for making the last several years of my dad’s life comfortable & enjoyable. I had looked at many other places, but none with the high degree of personal care & attention you & your staff bring to it. You are a great counselor & friend and I really value your advice & support. I will refer you to everyone I know. Keep up your wonderful work.
Danny B.
On behalf of my mother and myself, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your generosity and understanding. Sincerely with respect. | P.S. In this world of ordinary people, I’m glad there is you.
Mel Brodsky
I was one of your Poll Workers given your hotel on this past election day and I want to thank you for furnishing lunch and dinner to us. It was most gracious of you. We did appreciate it. The food was excellent, particularly your special vegetable soup. Thank you.
Margaret Smerke
Just a note to thank you for the lovely 4th of July Barbeque. The food was great and the feeling of warmth and caring by you and everyone that works with you made it a very special day. We had a great time.
Adrienne & Steve Dahlerbuich
Thanks to you and your wonderful staff that helped to make my mother’s stay at the Villa so pleasant. Happy and Healthy Passover.
Esther & Heiss Bradsky
Will remember all of you and how much comfort, security and happiness you provided to Mom – and to our family. With gratitude and love –
Michele Prichard & Family
Lupe, and all the wonderful HVE staff. Our family is so very appreciative of the loving care and kindness that you showed for nearly 8 years for my mother, Patricia Prichard. Holiday Villa East was truly her home, and all the staff and residents have been a big part of our “family.” We will miss our Mom, but will always remember her and her other family over at HVE.
Many thanks for your kind, wise words at my Grandfather’s service. Having your presence and wisdom was a gift to us all. How beautifully you honored my grandfather. With my deepest thanks!
You couldn’t have given me a better present than the letter you sent me. Thank you. I thought I would be able to come back to the Villa in February. But there is just too much to do here. I have a condo complete with a full house of furniture etc. etc. when I do come back to Santa Monica, I hope it will be for good. This schlepping around is getting too much. So as soon as all is settled here, I will call you and hopefully you’ll have a “big beautiful room” for me. I really enjoyed the Villa (especially the food, yummy!) And of course lots of people there including you. I enjoyed working in the office and hope I can continue to do it. Thanks again for all your kind words in your letter. Best to all there and hopefully I’ll be back before long.
Nancy Klein
Your name appears at the top of this letter, but it’s written to a whole group of people – to you and Lupe and Maria, to the people who clean rooms and serve meals, the ones who keep the place running day and night – you know who they all are. Of course I’m writing about my mother, Jette Simmons, who passed away on May 3rd. In the 20 years since my father died she changed from the very open, easy-going, friendly person I remember growing up to someone who was stubborn, not always friendly, and sometimes hard to get along with. What Jette really needed was not constant help, but just the promise of support and that’s what she always got from the staff at Holiday Villa – friendly people who were always there to provide help when she needed it.

On my visits to see her I was often uncomfortable with my own feeling that she seemed not to treat the staff as well as she should. I think that this came from her belief that without my father, she had to be strong enough to live her life on her own – so strong that she rejected the idea of help from everyone, including me. But in her last days she did need help and your staff, as always, were there to provide it. So I write today to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who helped to support Jette in one way or another. There is little I can offer in return, but I am enclosing a check for $500 which you can add to the Christmas bonus fund or distribute in any other way you think is fair.

Peter Simmons
I’m writing to thank you so much for the love and care that you gave to my mom over the past two years. I know that Mom could be a tough cookie, but I also know that she responded to your love, so that many who saw her recently said that she was a changed woman. I suppose that the Senior Power Class may have been instrumental in drawing her out and helping her establish the bonds with “The Fabs.” I was so touched when Virginia and Clair came to the hospital that Sunday and sat with Mom for three or four hours, and they and Deedee washed her hair and dressed her in her favorite clothes. And, thanks, too, for the hospitality you showed me. When I arrived at midnight, hungry after multiple flight delays, Mary and Raquelle said I wouldn’t have to order pizza, and they brought me a full dinner of stuffed cabbage and the trimming. It made me feel so good to know that mom was in such good, compassionate hands. I wish you all a fine spring. With Deepest Gratitude.
Marge Steiner
My wife’s elderly mother EMMA CHANG lived here for two years. The location is great, in a wonderful neighborhood. The building is clean and the staff is just incredible.
Bruce Keno
I know they’re starting a renovation soon. The furnishings and décor are a little outdated but they are fixing that in the renovation. The rooms are a nice size and the food is excellent. They have tai chi classes, exercise, current events, they bring in, for the holidays, different religious leaders to lead services. My dad is very happy there.
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Overall it’s been a very positive experience. I think the people that work there are just terrific and really care about the residents. They’re actually in the process of renovating so it’s kind of hectic but I saw some of what they’re doing and it’s going to be even nicer than it is. This is our first experience with assited living or independent living. My mother complains that the meal time is too short and too early but otherwise, her room is really very nice and the facility is nice. The staff is incredibly helpful so overall it’s been very positive. Part of why we chose this is the location is very close to the UCLA medical facilities so my mom can walk to a lot of her doctors and in terms of what you can get in Santa Monica it’s a tremendous value, very affordable
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Holiday Villa East is pretty diverse in term of ages. There are people from 65 and up. Some of the residents here are very active and that is what we were looking for. Our loved one is very active and we wanted a place where he would be able to makes friends and stay active. The staff here is extremely friendly and extremely accommodating. We are very pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone
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The condition of community really made it one of the top communities on our list. The staff was very friendly, attentive, and helpful. They really tried to help whenever they could. It was a good community.
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ked the owner and long term employee I met very much. Like the location. Rooms/bathrooms were best I’ve seen in first couple days. Extremely active building, possibly overwhelming to a newcomer.
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