Making A Seamless Transition to Senior Living

Seniors enjoying independent living

For residents of Santa Monica, senior living in a communal setting may not be a difficult decision to make especially in light of the changes that the senior and their families may be experiencing. To a great extent, making the right choice on which facility to send your loved one to can make the transition less difficult.

If you or your family has decided that a senior living community is the best option, here are a few helpful tips to make the transition more convenient.

1. A Positive Start

Before the actual move it would be prudent to know beforehand which family members will be helping with the move and what their tasks are going to be. It would be helpful to list all the tasks that need to be done, including those that involve the actual move. The list could include actually making and finding a reputable moving service if one is required.

Also consider subscriptions, utilities, and cable service. Setting up new doctors, pharmacy and local resources. It may seem overwhelming, especially to the senior, but usually, a well-established senior community will have referrals for all these resources and then some. That’s why planning ahead with an experienced staff is crucial to ensuring an easy move and a smooth transition.

2. Tackling Sensitive Issues

Communication is crucial throughout this process, but a couple of areas that may get overlooked that should be addressed pertain to legal, financial and health issues. Is there a durable power of attorney in place to address health or financial issues should the senior be unable to do so? Is there a “living will” detailing the care and heroic measures when the time comes? In other words, have you sat down and thought about these things now or will you wait until there is a crisis? Doing so now will prevent future conflict or mistakes and allow everyone to work in concert to the benefit of all involved.

3. Talk to your parent

Communication is key, and no matter how awkward it feels, it will be beneficial to explore all the issues and processes regarding who will be responsible for the “domestic” tasks and who will handle the more complex issues regarding medical, legal, financial and personal assistance.

4. Setting up a new home

Make it feel like home, granted a new home, but bring personal favorite items. That could mean a favorite chair, lamps, artwork and of course photographs. Go out of your way to ensure that your loved one feels as comfortable and at ease in their new place, as possible.

5. Listen

Listen to your senior loved one regarding any concerns or anxieties while transitioning into this “brave” new world. Once they have settled into their new residence, make sure to stay in touch, especially with the staff, as they will know and can take a proactive approach to your loved one’s well being. Finally, visit as often as your schedule permits. There’s nothing better than the kiss and hug from a loved one!

If you or your loved ones have more questions about how to navigate common concerns and make the move to senior living a smooth, and easy transition reach out to the team at Holiday Villa East for help.

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