Is Independent Senior Living Right For Me?

As a senior citizen, life’s changes and challenges bring upon new reasons to rethink, repurpose, and potentially, relocate. Whether you are coming from apartment living or a home you have made your own for decades, moving on to an independent living retirement community may be on the horizon, with plenty of advantages that will make your “golden years” even grander.

Perhaps you have seen magazine advertisements or television commercials for retirement communities, friends and family have discussed the option, or it is something you have been pondering as the years have passed. If you are now at the point where moving is becoming more of a must-do or simply a desire you just can’t shake, asking yourself these key questions will help you make a smooth and secure transition you will feel comfortable and confident with.

Moving isn’t something to jump into blindly, so be cautious and conscious as you plan and prepare.

Am I Ready For Independent Living?

You are at the amazing age where independent living retirement communities are intriguing. Many offer a slew of exciting amenities and accommodations that make it a no-brainer for some people who are on the fence about the decision to move. With dozens of on-site activities, delicious restaurant-style meals, transportation to and from town, and so forth, there is always plenty to do on the premises that engage those living there, practically 24/7.

While there is a ton of interaction and socialization within these communities, for those who prefer peace and quiet with as much “me time” as possible, there is no pressure to be the “life of the party”, if that is your natural demeanor. There should be no judgment or any expectations, as everyone has their own habits and schedules. You do you, others can be themselves, and all residents get along harmoniously with one another as well as the staff.

Is My Current Home Too Large Or Too Much To Take Care Of?

If where you are living now has become more than you can easily manage, independent living may be a better fit for you. Perhaps you are an empty nester, and it is now just you all alone or you and your partner living in a home that is mostly unused. All that space echoes in silence, and the unlived-in areas are pointless when you spend much of your time in just a room or two most of the time.

Not to mention, a large home requires continuous upkeep, from cleaning to repairs, and so forth. Why waste your precious time and money doing these tedious tasks when there is a far more suitable environment that will make life exponentially easier?

Yes, there is the sentimental aspect of leaving your beloved abode, but memories are magical, and you will hold them in your heart. Use your head instead, and don’t let your emotions guide you on this journey. Think logically and logistically, and you will find that moving to an independent living community will be a wonderful eye-opening experience as you live out your well-deserved retirement years without the extra hassles and hang-ups.

Can I Afford It?

It is certainly understandable that finances are top of mind. After all, you can’t move to a new location if you can’t afford to do so. If you are living off a fixed income, this subject matter is particularly relevant.

If you own your current home, the sale could provide you with plenty of money to put towards costs for independent living. Plus, you may have lifelong savings or other specific funds set aside for this very purpose. Every person’s financial situation is unique, and you may benefit from discussing this money matter with a financial advisor or trusted friend or family member with knowledge in this area.

Also know that there are many independent living retirement communities across the country featuring a wide range of prices, from the most affordable to the over-the-top and extravagant. Find the ones that suit your lifestyle and bank account, and you are sure to settle into a place that is a personal and financial fit.

As the only rent-controlled senior retirement community in the Southern California area, Holiday Villa East is a great option for those concerned about affordability. We’re affordable for most everyone, as we try to work within your budget. You can count on our continuing low rates while you enjoy our wonderful beach community.

Are My Partner/Children On Board?

You are either intending to relocate to an independent community alone or with your spouse or partner. As a retiree, it is more than likely that your children (if you have any) are grown adults with homes of their own.

If it is just you who is moving, most decisions can probably be made on your own, but finding out how other family members feel (particularly your children), could be wise and helpful. Your wellbeing is important to them, so keeping them in the loop and getting their perspective is a recommended step in this significant process.

When a couple plans on moving together to an independent living community, a joint effort and decision-making process is the key to a happy future in a new atmosphere. You will want to go through all the topics you can think of, from location to the style of the community, and so on. There are many options to peruse and put on your list, so think it through with all the pros and cons you can come up with to carefully consider. You want to be 100% sure you have made a choice you are both equally on board with.

Talk it through with your children, friends, and those who live in the communities you are interested in. Happy residents will be more than forthcoming about their personal experiences, and can give you an inside insight about the place you may not easily find online or in the brochures.

Am I Ready For Change?

As comfortable as you may be in your current home, change is always exciting. It can be daunting to think about making this major move, but if you are already thinking about it, chances are, you are ready for something fresh.

Don’t talk yourself out of experiencing a new chapter in your life. You will know when the timing is right and you can envision yourself in a new place with a world of potential.

There are numerous advantages to taking this step and securing a stable future in an independent living community that has your best interests at heart. You may miss your home, but the new environment will have countless perks that will put a smile on your face.

So, are you getting closer to determining if independent living is the right choice for you? Let these above items sink in and soon you are sure to come to a place of peace. Hopefully, you will take smart steps in finding a community that is well-reviewed, warm, and welcoming. Ask all the questions you can and don’t be shy about voicing any concerns. A reputable independent living retirement community will be open and honest about their staff and facilities. You deserve to be treated with respect – remember that as you navigate this new lease on life.

If you are ready to take the step and start enjoying the amazing benefits an independent living community can offer, Holiday Villa East offers the very best in senior retirement living. We’re about helping you live a rich, fulfilling life within a supportive, nurturing environment. A stress-free life filled with joy and peace of mind where you know that you genuinely matter.

Give us a call, send an e-mail, or make an appointment to tour the facilities. We would like you to see what senior living is supposed to look like.

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