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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – This was the very first holiday that my family and I celebrated when we came to this country.  I can still see Papa standing over a huge turkey, large carving knife in hand.  And, Mama serving all the delicious food, a plate at a time… with the anticipation building as all of us children waited with bated breath.   Now, my children and grandchildren come celebrate with me – as do many of the other residents’.  We had a great big setup in the cafeteria and even spill over into the adjoining Events Room.  Beautiful centerpieces were on every table and we had  pre-dinner entertainment–live music with a DJ that Sam brought in for our listening pleasure.  There were 5 huge turkeys, 4 equally large hams, tons of sides, “vats” of stuffing, cranberries, yams and crunchy green beans–everything traditional.  And, who could leave out the pies… pumpkin, yam and apple.  There was something for everyone.  It was absolutely delicious.  After dinner, those who could move played scrabble with the staff  joining in.  There was also Dominoes for the children… others watched the replay of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Personally, I was relaxing in a big easy chair and fell asleep.  My granddaughter, Beth, woke me to say good-bye.  Hope I didn’t snore.



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