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Gals versus Guys today… it’s Poker time.  Who’s going to win, the bets are hot and heavy.  We set up 10 tables for 4 players each.  First round, Bob and Carol win.  Second, Bob and Sara, and so on down to the final two winners, surprise, surprise… Sara and Roy.  Prizes, a $15 gift certificate to El Torito for Roy, and a $15 gift certificate for Ben & Jerry’s for Sara.  Talk about delicious.  If they teamed up, they’d have dinner and dessert.  Then, the best part of the evening… dinner… and that was Barbecue.  Chef did a marvelous job of preparing barbecue chicken and fish, corn, buttermilk rolls and cornbread, salad, barbecue beans and… a triple layer chocolate on chocolate cake.  Mouth watering.  The entire meal was delicious.  We all had a truly fun day.

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