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Another year passing, it’s kind of sad.  There was a lot happening in the world in 2015–many tragic, horrible events.  Yet, there were also many good events.  I choose to look forward to 2016, hoping for a better world and many good things to happen not only in the world, but in the lives of my loved ones.  This is how I choose to celebrate the birth of 2016.  And, how did we celebrate!  First off, the decorations were quite fun.   We decorated the entertainment area with banners, balloons, hats and blowers…  and little figurines of Father Time and Baby New Year.  We also placed glitter, stars and candles on every table in the dining area.  All very festive.  We started off the evening with a delicious dinner of  chicken breast, roast beef, stuffed potatoes, veggies, vegetarian eggrolls, hot rolls, and much more.  With dinner we had the option of Champagne and quite a few of us enjoyed a glass of the bubbly.  For dessert, it was one of Chef’s famous double-layer cakes… white with cream cheese icing with strawberry and cream filling and huge strawberries on top with figurines of Father Time and Baby New Year.  What a grand cake and so luscious…  Afterwards, many of us adjourned to the entertainment area for music and live dancing.  Sam brought in a keyboardist for the music and he was quite good, even a few of us got up and danced… including some of our caregivers.  Check out Maria and Cisero!  I first danced with Ben and then Harry.  And, then, I had a wonderful surprise.  My son, David, stopped by to have a dance with his old mom.  That was truly special and he reminded me of his father so much tonight.  After our dance, he scooted off to his wife and family and I had another glass of Champagne with some leftover cake while I chatted up friends and waited for the new year to officially unveil itself.  I cannot say what a lovely evening, we all had… especially  me.  We all felt spoiled and loved.  Here’s hoping for a great 2016 here at Holiday Villa East.  We all and the world certainly deserve it.


IMG_2157-susanNshirley-NYEparty IMG_2154-wymanNshirley-NYE party

IMG_2171-mariaNcisero-Caregivers-NYE party

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