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Popcorn… yeah, one of my favorite foods.  All flavors, all shapes, all sizes… I’ll eat it.  And, today is National Popcorn Day.  Boy, did we have fun with this holiday.  First, Sam rented an “official” popcorn maker for us and Chef made popcorn in a variety of flavors.  Cheddar, kettle, spicy–for us daring ones, herb blend, and a dessert batch with chocolate chips.  I tried to be among the first to taste each batch as the popcorn was nice and hot.  Yummm.  For today’s event, we decided to have a popcorn & Yahtzee tournament.  We teamed up in the 12 teams of 4.  10 were women versus men.  The extra two tables were because some of the staff wanted to join in. We all ate popcorn, played Yahtzee and had a hoot of a time during the afternoon.  Winners… Jake and I… yes, I won!  And our prizes, great big bowls of popcorn… just kidding.  We won miniature popcorn makers for our rooms.  What a great idea when we curl up with a good movie or family come to visit.  My grandchildren will love this!  It’s very heartwarming that the staff of Holiday Villa East truly enjoy our company and want to participate in our lives.  It’s more than a job for them and we, residents, truly appreciate them.

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