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Yep… that’s right.  Today is both National Pizza Day AND National Bagel Day.  This is the week for special food and we love it!  We just could not resist, even after all that Chinese food yesterday.  For breakfast, Chef prepared a delicious bagel spread for all with lox, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion… and fresh fruit.  We got to choose our flavors from onion, pumpernickel, rye, egg, everything and plain… boring, but no accounting for taste.  I enjoyed two bagels with all the fixings.  Just wonderful.  For dinner, it was a different story.  We had pizza… my favorite–what can I say?!  Chef made pepperoni, vegetarian (my choice) and cheese.  And, did he make a lot of them.  Everyone loved the treat and we ate like we were kids, well, kids with senior stomachs.  There was a lovely caesar salad to go along with the pizza, and for dessert… spumoni.  I haven’t had that since I was a kid.  Not to be forgotten were the sugar cookies.  I’m set for another 6 months until we have pizza again.  That’s one of the things that I especially love about Holiday Villa East… they make it fun for us in both deed and food.  You’ll not be bored here.

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