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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know how much we all love tournaments… cards, dominoes, scrabble, etc.  Well, today we had a game that we haven’t played in a long while.  Inspired by the fact that today is National Play Monopoly Day.  So, we did!  We had the usual 10 tables of four players each, playing one game.  The winner of that table got to play other winners until there were just two players left… Amanda and Ben.  And… the winner was… Amanda with the silver shoe for the win and second place, Ben with his “go to jail” card.  Amanda won a $10 gift certificate to Ben & Jerry’s, Ben a $5 certificate to Starbucks.  But, boy was this a kick.  Someone pasted a little sign on Park Place saying Holiday Villa East, and do we all feel that way.  We have everything here.  Good weather, good people–staff and residents–good location by the beach, safety and a great feeling each morning.  We do live on Park Place.monopoly-game

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