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Lots of hustle and bustle here today… it’s Christmas, and everyone was excited to begin the day’s activities.  First, many of our families came over to spend the day with us… even those of us who didn’t officially celebrate Christmas… just to have a fun family day.  We started late morning with our annual “Secret Santa” for all of us residents.   Last week, each of us picked a name out of a hat and today, we gifted that person.  Our limit was only $50 per gift so it’s very interesting to see what we all came up with.  Gifts ranged from Mrs. Field’s brownie and cookie gift boxes to fruit baskets, Mrs. See’s chocolates, wallets and money clips, neckties, watches, picture frames, shirts, sweaters, scarves, sweats, socks, sheet sets, pillows, gift certificates for Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Ben & Jerry’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Massages, Piano lessons, and many, many other gift items.   It was a blast.    Then, it was time for Christmas lunch.  There was tons of food… eggs, ham, turkey, mountains of sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, buttermilk rolls, coleslaw, green beans, cranberries, regular salad and pie… cannot forgot that… three different kinds–apple, pecan and pumpkin with ice cream!  Wow, was it all delicious! We ate until we dropped.   Next, we exchanged gifts with our families.  Some true Christmas gifts for those who truly celebrate it, others with token gifts for our delighted grandchildren.  Personally, I never tire of seeing my children and grandchildren open gifts.  The littler they are, the more delight I have.   After all that excitement, we needed a break so everyone adjourned to the dining room for coffee, tea and hot coco with sugar cookies.  The grandchildren gathered alongside and played with the toys and phones and whatnot.   It was truly a special day that we all enjoyed so very much.  I am so lucky that Holiday Villa East encourages an open-door policy for family… whether it’s a lunch-time visit from my granddaughter, an after dinner, days’ end chat with my son, or events such as today’s that are especially for our families.  I would be very sad at missing out on these precious times… they truly enrich my life.

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