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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Boy, I don’t know when I’ve had this much fun.  Today, since I was going to be the M.C. of the day, I dressed up as Bride of Frankenstein, with the wig, makeup, cape, etc.  It was a hoot to see.  First, I had to announce the Pumpkin Carving Contest winner from earlier in the week.  All the carved pumpkins were on display, residents voted on their favorite, and that’s how Frank won with his “Lady Eyes.”  Notice how his pumpkin has eyelashes!

My best friend, Cindy, dressed up as Frankenstein so we would be a pair.  Man, was that facial scar scary.  And, I couldn’t believe it. Fred dressed up as Count Dracula and Monica as Morticia from the Adams Family TV show.  A few people got it. Barbara and Sy dressed up as Superman and Wonder Woman. Barbara’s blonde hair kept coming out of the black wig. Amy as a Bumble Bee complete with yellow and black tennis shoes, little yellow wings and black furry antennae.   Mr. Sanders’ costume was straight out of the “Sound of Music” and Clarita looked like a drum major resplendent in vibrant blue and gold.  Finally, Shirley looked sexy as a fiery Peggy Lee with streaks of fire painted on her dress.

Everyone made a good showing, but the winner was Gussie, dressed up like Judy Garland in her clown costume, makeup and all. She even did some impromptu diva singing of an upbeat “Over The Rainbow” and “A Star Is Born.”  That cinched the win!  A giant box of chocolates. But it got better!! Some of our families came over and it was a real treat to see all the cute costumes. The children trick-or-treated throughout the residents’ rooms, each collecting a bag full of candy. (We were prepared.) Chef made us a special dinner complete with a huge double-layered orange cake decorated with bats, witches on brooms, ghosts, a tomestone and lots of candy corn.  The common areas were decorated with spider webs, witches, bats, black cats, ghosts, etc. All the usual Halloween decorations on the walls and tables, my favorite, chocolate bars strewn around the tables. Oh, we cannot forget the display of the pumpkin carving content .  The children loved everything.  Afterwards, when all the activities calmed down, and the children went home, we gathered in the dining room for coffee and hot chocolate. It truly was a fun day for all. And, check it out… we had an anonymous contestant as whatever scary thing that is… such a cool mask.  A couple of residents are following her round to see which room she enters.

jack o lantern IMG_0761-halloween.MrSanders AmyMolina Clarita Kern20141030_165544



Sam, the Executive Director of Holiday Villa East, turned 60 years old today.  He’s the glue that holds us all together.  His compassion, sincere caring for each of us and his love for what he does shows every day with the great big smile on his face.  Sam, we all give you a great big hug!!




Today, we celebrate the pumpkin… star of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas holidays and Winter in general.  So, how do we at Holiday Villa East celebrate this silly holiday?? First, we had a pumpkin carving contest.  Sam, our Director, brought over 25 small pumpkins for us to distribute.  The contest is simple.  Carve to your heart’s delight, and the entries will be on display until Halloween at which time we’ll announce the winner.

Meanwhile, remember the saying, “… pumpkin and spice and everything nice.”?  Well, our Chef did.  We had Pumpkin Soup for dinner, along with Caesar’s salad with pumpkin seeds,  Roasted Veggie & Pumpkin Stew with bowls of cooked meatballs on the side for meatier versions, buttermilk rolls in the shape of a pumpkin, and for dessert… why, of course, pumpkin pie.  After dinner, we waddled into the common room for some soothing pumpkin spice coffee and tea.  Some of us stayed around to chat and play a friendly game of cards, others, like me, retreated to our rooms for some quiet time. I was eager to email my grandkids photos of the carved pumpkins, especially mine.  Hope I win.


On this day in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue… there was the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria… oh heck, that’s all I can remember… it’s been a long time since I sang that song.  This was an unusual holiday for us to celebrate, filled with controversy.  But, we did out very best.  Since we are having a warm spell, a few of us hopped into the Van and went to the ocean–it’s so close, why not!  It was a pleasure to breathe in the salty ocean air and watch the kiddies playing in the ocean.  Quite a site.  When we returned home, we discovered that for snack time, there was a huge vanilla cake with blue icing simulating the ocean with a little male figurine, three boats and an assortment of other ocean decorations.  Very cute and very delicious!  Some of us retired to the entertainment room for some television and lively conversation.  In the distance, I could see that some others who didn’t go this morning, ventured outside for the warm ocean air.  Whatever your taste, we have it all here at HVE.



Today was a treat.  We went Chinese and boy was it fun AND delicious!  First, we spent the afternoon hot and heavy with a Dominoes tournament.  We had 10 teams of 4 players.  Each team’s winner player the others until finally, we had first- and second-place champions.  Ben was the big winner, with a 2 lb. box of Sees Candies.  Boy, go figure…  he has such a sweet tooth!  Eva was the runner up, winning a $10 gift certificate to Ben & Jerry’s.

Then, came my favorite part of the day… hint… food is the way to my heart.  And, this is my favorite food.  Chef put out a wonderful Chinese buffet for supper.  He had all sorts of dishes, both meat and vegetarian.  Sweet and sour beef,  orange chicken, broccoli beef, vegetables with flat noodles, eggplant with snow peas, vegetable egg rolls, chicken won ton, vegetable fried rice, and more.  And, it was all low-sodium and so delicious!  It must have taken the kitchen staff all afternoon to cook.  And, finally, for dessert, we had fortune cookies and orange slices, just like in the restaurants.  My fortune was especially cryptic.  I had a couple of thoughts on what it could mean… but it’s my secret.

After dinner, I retreated to the garden for some quiet time.  I sat under one of the lanterns so I could read and enjoy the warm ocean breeze.