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Monthly Archives: September 2015


Today was a salute to an older, gentler time.  Us ladies got together for a “tea” social.  Just like the old days of our youth.  We enjoyed little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, delicious pastries and biscuits, chocolate, and five varieties of tea. The gathering brought back many memories of years gone by in a slower paced, more delicate world.



As the Jewish New Year gets underway, we have another solemn holiday upon us.  It’s Yom Kippur and it’s the holiest day of the Jewish year.  It’s the Day of Atonement where we are to atone for our sins.  I’m not worried in that department.  The Rabbi came by for a prayer service, and we are supposed to fast for the day.  Although the sick and elderly are excused.  Personally, I chose to accept the challenge and fast anyway.  Today, I made it with flying colors.  Evening, we had a wonderful “break the fast” dinner, and boy was it welcomed.  Our choice of brisket or roast chicken, fresh yams, mixed vegies, salad, soup, warm cornbread, and for dessert… assorted pastries with tapioca pudding.  Afterwards, we retired to the entertainment room and played some board games.  My preference is backgammon and I rock in it.  They were friendly games, so no high-pressure tournament.  As I sit here in my room, I realize that I am right where I want to be and can sleep contently knowing that I am at peace today, ready for the promise of a new year.



Our renovations are coming along, slowly but surely.  Just wait until we’re through.  It will be stunning.  Here are some sneak peaks of some of the changes to dates.  Further, we have the honor of now having two paintings from artists Susan Hartman and Tom Van Sant.

Tom Van Sant is a world-renown artist whose 1-man exhibitions have appeared around the world.  We are honored to have three of his paintings adorn our walls.

tom van sant 2 tom van sant 3 tom van sant








Susan Hartman is also a renown artist here at Holiday Villa East. She is a talented artist who is honored to call HIVE her home.

susan hartman 2 susan hartman


IMG_0094 IMG_0096


Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s official independence day.  It’s September 16th when the war started that would lead to Mexico’s independence from Spain.  It’s a big holiday for Mexico, much like our Fourth of July.  Here at Holiday Villa East, we celebrated in our own style, complete with traditional dancers (on the right), our very own art teacher, Olivia, all dolled up and gorgeous on the left,  and, the lovely Ms. Shirley Higgins in the middle.  On each table were minature Maracas and red, white and green streamers.  Chef made a traditional Mexican lunch with Chicken Fajitas, Cheese Enchiladas, Ensalada de Verde (green salad) with cheese, pepitas, avocado and a wonderful Cilantro Dressing, tortillas and salsa… and, for those who wished, Corona beer.  Dessert was Churros, both Cinnamon and Chocolate-covered.  We ate and ate and laughed and drank.  It was quite a fun day for all.

IMG_0461-sept16 mexicanIndepDay w spanTeacher + ShirleyHiggins.


Today was the first day of Rosh Hashanah.  It started at sundown last night and continues to sundown tomorrow.  This is the start of the Jewish New Year and should it be a happy and healthy new year for everyone.  It’s one of my favorite holidays as it is a time for reflection, fresh start and making goals for the coming year.  In the morning, we had a visiting Rabbi who performed the service.  He even blew the Shofar, a ram’s horn which is like a trumpet and rings in the new year.  Afternoon, some of our families came for a visit.  My grandkids Jason and Hayley came by for a chat.  The sitting area was all setup with coffee, tea, cocoa, sodas and pastries and fresh fruit for our visitors.  It was a great feeling knowing that I could entertain as if in my own home… only all the work was done for me.  Chef made a great dinner of brisket, roasted potatoes, roasted veggies,  and more.  For dessert, we had apple slices and bread dipped in honey (a symbol of our wishes for a sweet new year) along with sweet apple cake and jelly rolls.  Afterwards, I retreated to the sitting room to read a book and more reflection.  All in all, it was a good day.




I have to admit that today is one of my favorite holidays.  I get to spend time with my grandchildren in celebration of me.  🙂  Today, Caitlin and Ben came by, bearing gifts.  Ben gave me a lovely scarf, and Caitlin a jewelry box.  Both are lovely!  Others around had family visiting, but I didn’t really notice.  It was my special time with my grandchildren.  Selfish, I know, but I’m entitled at my age.  We grabbed some coffee, soda and cookies from the main room and went out on the patio to enjoy the sunshine.  It was a very nice visit.  My, do they have busy lives at such young years.  It’s amazing how the world turns now.  When they left, I felt really special.


Ah, the end of summer.  I’ll miss the hot weather, the laid back attitude of so many and people watching on the pier.  But, I have to say that here at Holiday Villa East, we have the best weather possible for year round.  We have sunny days, ocean breezes bringing sweet, clean air. And, what better way to celebrate the change of seasons than a barbeque and did we have a doozie.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, grilled eggplant for the vegetarians… and tons of delicious sides.  The finale was a huge, wonderful vanilla and strawberry double layer cake.  Yum!  Afterwards, we played horseshoes on a makeshift court in the garden.  As the sun came down, we adjourned to the entertainment room for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, leftover cake and good conversation.  The weather was so warm, that late evening, Betty, Lionel, Sara and I went out to the patio for a heated game of dominoes, and I won! How about that.


Meet Jack Grossman.  He is our oldest living resident at 105 years old.  But, to meet him and look at him, you’d never know it.  Notice him enjoying our recent Luau.  Let’s all stand up and cheer for Jack.  The next time you’re at the facility, look him up and introduce yourself.  He is our official greeter.

IMG_0406 (1)