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Monthly Archives: August 2015


Luau time!  Boy was today fun.   Shirley, Robert, Herman and Wyman really got into the spirit of things.  Not to mention Jack, our Patriarch at 105 y.o.  Check out his expression.  Even Caregivers Jim and Keith had a wild time on stage getting the Hula lessons.  The room was decorated with leis, flowers and fishes… quite exotic.  The chef had a fitting dinner for us: baked fish, rice, veggies, and salad.  With wine and beer for those wishing.  Dessert was a huge cake decorated with fishes and flowers and a little hula dancer.  It was truly a fun day for all.

IMG_0292 IMG_0384 IMG_0396 IMG_0404 IMG_0408


Well, today was the “war of the minds.”  We had a poker tournament!  There was a large turnout with about 40 residents participating.  We had 10 teams of 4.  Boy, was the entertainment room crowded.  But, what fun.  We timed the games at 30 minutes and then chose the top 2 teams to continue on.  We have some very good players.  Finally, we got to the last 2 and, it was quite serious.  Sara and Harry were neck-in-neck, vying for the highest score.  Finally, Sara placed her last cards down… a straight flush for the win!  She won a beautiful crystal necklace, and Harry, as runner up, won a $10 gift certificate to Ben & Jerry’s.  Gee, do we like that place or what.  It was a fun and stimulating day.  What a workout.  Haven’t “thunk” so hard in a while.


So, today was social Monday.  We had a coffee and donut social a couple of hours after lunch.  Mid-day snack you could say.  There were all different types of donuts and coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  There was even sugar-free snacks for the diabetics.  We all got a chance to catch up, and some went outside to read and socialize more.  Was this a great day, sunny with a faint ocean breeze.  Here’s a photo of Donna, caught red-handed with a glazed donut.