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Monthly Archives: June 2015


So, guess what this means.  Chinese food and Dominoes tile game.  Tonight Chef prepared an early Chinese dinner that was absolutely wonderful.  It included Chow Mein, Beef & Broccoli, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Mixed Veggies, Noodles & Veggies, Orange Chicken, Veggie Eggrolls, etc. and was just like eating out, only without all the sodium.  Everything was delicious.  And in the Chinese tradition, after our meal, we were served a cut-up orange and a fortune cookie.  We took turns reading our fortunes all around the table.  Mine was cryptic, implying that I would meet a mysterious stranger who would be a companion.  Hmmm, can’t wait.  After dinner, we adjourned to the entertainment area where there were tables for four set up with stacks of dominoes all ready to play.  Each table’s winner would play the winner to the right until only two were left and then the ultimate winner would get a $30 gift certificate to Pier One.  We started at 5pm and ended with tea and cocoa with cookies at 8:30pm.  It was a hoot with Sophie winning.  She was already planning how to redecorate her room.   Speaking of which, time for me to adjourn to mine for some much needed sleep.




Father’s Day brings back so many memories of growing up with my own Dad.  He was a good man.  Family was everything to him, wanting to spend all his free time with us.  Everybody liked my Dad, and I wondered at his ease of talking to people.  He had a big smile and especially loved little children, always wanting to wave at them.  This man is honored today, as are all of your fathers.  Here at Holiday Villa East, we honor our past fathers and our sons and grandsons who are fathers.  They are the men of the family that deserve tribute.    And, how do we honor them… simple… with a party!  Our family were invited… we are traditionalists and tradition dictates a barbeque for Father’s Day.  Only with a twist.  We did a Mexican barbeque.  Grilled chicken with salsa–anywhere from mild to spicy hot, cheese enchiladas, cheese taquitos, spanish rice, refried black beans, corn, grilled veggies, tortillas with salsa and watermelon.  And, for dessert…  one of Chef’s famous double-chocolate cakes with vanilla frosting with chocolate-chip ice cream.  We had a cake big enough for us all to take seconds, and many of the men and children did.  We strung up a Badminton net and played all afternoon.  Adults and children alike.   It was a real bonding experience for all involved, and a great day! And not to be forgotten were the mini tool kits that every man in our community received.  The men loved it as they all love to fiddle with things.  Some of the men were spotted showing off the tool kit to their grandchildren.  Quite fun and brought a smile to my face.  After everybody left, I took a book outside and soaked up the night ocean breeze.  I am totally pooped now and ready for bed.


Bet you don’t know what Flag Day means?  Well, I do…  Basically, it signifies when Congress adopted the flag, decreeing that it would consist of thirteen stripes, alternating red and white, and white stars on a blue background containing as many stars as there are states in the union.  After that proclamation, Betsy Ross was commissioned to create the flag.



Jigsaw puzzles are not for the faint of heart, and here at Holiday Villa East, we play to win!  We have 10 teams of 4 (more if we need it) and each table has the exact same jigsaw’s pieces spread all over.  Basically, the first team to put the jigsaw together, or closest when the buzzer goes off, wins.  We have two hours to play and it’s a blast.  There are refreshments for us so we’re drinking, eating and trying to fit these blasted tiny pieces into place.  So, fast forward 2 hours, and guess who wins???  My team #3.  We had 90% of the puzzle solved… no other team even came close.  Isn’t that fantastic!  Our prize was a $10 gift certificate to Mrs. Fields.  Gee, do you see some sort of sweet tooth trend…

Team #2, Joe Epstein: