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Monthly Archives: March 2015

We Have What Other Santa Monica Retirement Homes Don’t Have

The retirement age is nothing to frown about. In fact, you should anticipate it greatly because how awesome would it be to live out your days in comfort, without worrying about coming in to work for a paycheck?

Santa Monica Retirement HomesWith “comfort” being key to one awesome retirement, you are going to need the right environment: a retirement home that suits your independent, fun loving, laid-back, and, sometimes, social nature.

At Holiday Villa East, we have the perfect retirement environment just for you — and more.

For starters, we offer hotel-style living, with all the creature comforts of a home. You can take your pick from our generously spaced one- to two-room suites, each equipped with everything you will need: cable TV, soft comfortable beds and other furniture, bathrooms with handrails for residents with mobility issues, and the like.

To complete your retirement experience, here’s the first thing that separates us from other Santa Monica retirement homes: We give you support for your daily needs, without impacting your independent streak. From housekeeping to shopping to linen, we take care of those little daily concerns that take time away from having fun.

We even serve you the best cuisine California has to offer, with our chef-prepared meals, delectable and suitable to every diet.

What’s the second thing that sets Holiday Villa East apart from all other retirement homes in Santa Monica?

We present stimulating recreational and educational programs, all of which are relevant to your preferences. You can take art classes. You can sit in fascinating workshops or seminars. You can get music lessons. You can join one of our exercise programs. You can do just about anything your mind, body, and spirit will love.

While our wonderful community will inspire you to stay indoors, we still encourage you to explore the nearby sights and other neighborhoods in sunny Santa Monica. And we do it at your convenience through our free shuttle, so you need not worry about getting around.

The final thing that sets us apart from other retirement homes is the fact that we give you all the comfort and convenience of retirement living without the high street price.

At Holiday Villa East, we’ve created the perfect community and developed the best services, at affordable rates. So that’s one last thing you have to worry about when you finally enter the wonderful world of retirement.

And did we mention you get to walk to the beach, too?

Hotel-style living. Convenient services. Fun activities. Vibrant beach community. Fair price. What more could you ask for from your retirement life?


Palm Sunday is a Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  And, in observance, did we have a feast following in the Palm Sunday meatless tradition.  Chef made a dinner fit for a king, including fish, pasta, pea soup, salad with hearts of palm and rolls.  Boy, was it all good.  For dessert, we had vanilla pudding with fig bars.  Afterwards, I sat in the parlor with a cup of coffee and contemplated the day.  No matter what your religion, or the holiday, sometimes it’s just good to think about your personal beliefs and what you give thanks for in your life.  I then took advantage of the warm weather, the extended sunlight and the scent of the ocean and retreated over to the garden with a good book.  Sometimes I forgot how good we have it so close to the ocean.  It is truly wonderful.

Starting a New Chapter in Your Life at Santa Monica Elderly Homes

As you grow older, moving to an independent living facility may seem like the opposite of retaining independence. However, when you account for and accept your limitations — that you can no longer fully manage your existing home, as well as the tasks involved, on your own — it becomes easier to see the logic in moving to Santa Monica elderly homes.

Santa Monica Elderly HomesCertainly, making the decision to leave your home for independent living can be a difficult decision to make. You might feel negative emotions about your inability to maintain your own home or leaving the place where great memories were formed with your loved ones. At this point, you may feel vulnerable. But one key thing to remember about aging is that you need to adapt to the changes you are experiencing and be open to new things. A lot of senior citizens often discover that moving into an independent living facility is an opportune time to start a new chapter in their lives.

Here at Holiday Villa East, we offer our residents their own private space where they can maintain a high degree of independence — from furnishing and designing their accommodations to choosing who to socialize with and what activities to engage in.

Beginning a new chapter of your life at Holiday Villa East, you will find that you will be more active compared to living by yourself in your old home. We have thoughtfully designed various activities for our seniors, from exercise and fitness classes to art and educational programs. We have computers and Internet access. If you wish to enjoy a moment’s peace and quiet, we have a well-stocked library, or you can simply take a stroll in our garden courtyard.

At Holiday Villa East, you won’t feel like you’re marooned on a lonely island. If you wish to take a day trip, visit your doctor or simply meet up with your friends and family members at local shops or museums — we offer a free local shuttle service for your convenience.

But we do not simply offer enjoyable independent living. On top of that, we take pride in our dedication to providing residents with comfort and security, to truly enjoy a carefree life. Our belief is that seniors should be given ample opportunities to nourish all aspects of their lives including the mind, body and spirit.

What sets Holiday Villa East apart is not its location, the comfort of hotel-style living nor its unique award-winning atmosphere. No. We believe that what sets us apart is our commitment to providing personal service and our sincere care for our seniors.


Everywhere I looked, I saw green.  No, I wasn’t nauseous… it’s St. Paddy’s Day!  It’s quite a fun holiday.  Everyone… well those cool people… wore green, little Leprechauns were hiding around every corner looking for the pot at the end of the rainbow.  But then, it would have to be an indoor rainbow, guess most are too timid to venture outside.  We hung green streamers in the dining hall with little Leprechauns and four leaf clovers on each table.  Sam found some really cute things  at the party store.  In the afternoon, we had a contest to see who wore the best outfit–both male and female.  The winners were:  Betty with a cute pair of green pants and a green and white shirt with gold coins (actually left over gelt) taped all over.  Carl wore a black suit with a red- and green-striped vest (must have been left over from Xmas),  a green hat and a dashing bright green kerchief in his jacket pocket.  Their prizes were 2 lb. boxes of See’s Candy.  Yum.  Dinner was traditional Irish style.  Corned beef and cabbage casserole, potato soup, and Irish cheddar and green onion soda bread.  For those so inclined, there was beer with dinner.  And, dessert was green jello.  Later with coffee and tea, we had sugar cookies decorated with little green four leaf clovers.  I’ll dream of little dancing green men and rainbows tonight.

KeishaPeggy St Patrick's Day St Patty's Day


Every Thursday evening we have entertainment.  It varies.  Could be dancing, singing or even music.  Whatever it is, we always look forward to it, especially because often we take part.  It becomes a community activity showing off our talents.  This picture shows Irving, Bessie, Teresa and Florence in a floor show.  Notice the boas!  Their singing was half bad.  Where have they been hiding this talent!



Okay, it’s time to set your clocks forward tonight.  Spring has sprung, it’s almost here.  Remember, spring forward one hour.  If you forget, you’ll miss breakfast tomorrow, and that would be a shame as it’s Pancake Sunday.


One of my favorite Jewish cookies is called “Hamantasch.”  It’s served primarily for Purim, a Jewish festival celebrated each spring before Passover.  It commemorates the deliverance of the Jews from wholesale slaughter in Persia by King Haman.  This holiday is about sharing food, giving to the needy, feasting, rejoicing, and giving thanks.  Feasting is the best part of the holiday.  On Purim we emphasize the importance of friendship and community by sending gifts of food to friends.  One of these foods is called Hamantasch.  It’s a little triangular-shaped cookies filled with poppy seeds and honey, prunes, nuts, dates, apple, apricot, fruit preserve, cherry, chocolate.  They are quite delicious–even for a dog!  One day, I brought over a bag of Hamantasch to a friend’s home and placed it on the kitchen table.  When we came back from shopping, we caught her dog, Penny, sitting on a kitchen chair, with her nose in the bag, eating prune-filled “snacks,” looking quite pleased with herself.  But, I have to say that she suffered from it that night–apparently, prunes have the same reaction on dogs.  Anyway… you get the drift.  I love these little cookies and tonight, for dessert, we had  Hamantasch, in a variety of flavors.  There were even extra for us to take to our rooms.  Talk about special.  They’ll be my bedtime snack.  Yumm. MG_5552

Senior Living Communities in Santa Monica Promote a Fun, Independent Lifestyle

Most movies tend to depict senior living communities as places where families can bring their aging loved ones because they lack the time or resources to look after them themselves. In many cases, this is the sad reality, but in places like Santa Monica, senior citizens looking for a place to retire have a different experience looking for senior living communities. In Santa Monica, where there is such a laid-back beach culture and eclectic style, retired folks in search of a new home for their remaining years get to look forward to experiencing a brand of life that they used just to dream about back when they were still besieged by family and work responsibilities.

Senior Living Communities in Santa MonicaAt Holiday Villa East, our affordable senior living facility in the heart of Santa Monica, the facilities and services are designed to ensure that your retirement will be an incredibly enriching time. How? You no longer have to bother with mundane tasks because we’ll take care of those for you so you can focus on the activities that will restore vigor to your life.

One of the offerings we have (that many are instantly attracted to) is chef-prepared dining; the three basic meals of the day are whipped up by a highly trained chef whose goal is not only to entice with delicious fare, but also to make sure that meals and snacks are well-balanced and nutritious so you can have a much longer and healthier life. Our chef even accommodates special diets recommended by physicians or simply created by the lifestyle or faith you uphold. Of course, you can still choose to prepare your meals if that’s something you enjoy because, at Holiday Villa East, we let you have the independent life you want.

Likewise, we take the burden of daily chores off your shoulders with our housekeeping, linen and concierge services. You don’t need to schedule your fun activities around the household tasks you need to accomplish first because our trained personnel will take care of all that for you. Your job is to determine what you can do to make your day as pleasurable as it can possibly be.

And if you need a bit of help in that department as well, don’t you worry because we have different programs ready for you. We always have events and programs lined up to keep our residents busy; you can easily join in and be part of all the excitement. When it comes to programs, we have fitness and art classes, educational and entertainment events, discussion seminars, lecture series, and so much more because we believe that you’re never too old to learn and become what you hope you could have been.

A fun, enriching and independent life – this is what senior living should be. And the best place to secure this brand of life is in Holiday Villa East in Santa Monica.