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Monthly Archives: February 2015


Today, some of us decided to accompany the staff to Costco.  We had some things to buy and it was a nice day trip.  Some of us share the cost of personal items for our rooms (like special snacks for visitors), and others needed to buy gifts and you cannot beat the prices.  There were about 6 of us who went.  Check out Joan and Zina guarding the loot.



Senior Living At Santa Monica Promises A Full Life For Retirees Without The High Cost

Santa Monica is one of the most beautiful spots in California. It has a fantastic view of the ocean, the “hills” are just nearby, and practically all the conveniences that people want are just walking distance or a short drive away. Likewise, the place is always bustling with activity – the pier in particular is a favorite destination due to its various attractions; there are cool coffee places and stores for affordable shopping. No wonder young people love to come and spend their free time here in Santa Monica — and these may also be the reasons why it’s such an ideal place for senior living as well.

Most elderly folks do not want to spend their retirement in a place where they’re constantly reminded of being in the winter of their life. After working hard for most of their years, they want to use this time of freedom to finally experience the things they used to be too busy to accommodate into their schedule. For such folks, senior living at Santa Monica is the perfect arrangement for that brand of life where they can live happily to the fullest.

Holiday Villa East is an ideal place for senior retirement especially for those who want the comfort and luxury of hotel-style living. You won’t be finding uniformed nurses and caregivers here, unless you hire them yourself, because Holiday Villa East does not offer assisted living – most people come here to live as normally and independently as possible, which is its main attractive quality.

Our facility is best described as “regular” but with great style and convenience; there’s beauty all around which is highlighted by the awesome SoCal weather, and first-class services such as daily meals prepared by highly trained chefs, housekeeping, linen and concierge services, free local transportation (because we know there’s an abundance of activities to be enjoyed in Santa Monica that everybody wants to go out for), and tenants even get a nice workout area where they can sign up for different exercise programs to maintain good health. Plus, our rooms are spacious and tenants can design them according to their preferred aesthetics.

And last, but perhaps our best offering, is that all of these elements of a good life can be had for just a third of the cost of staying at a typical assisted living facility. It’s great for the budget, and if you want your pension to be used for activities and things that you want for personal enrichment and enjoyment instead of just the “necessities,” our facility will definitely save you a lot of money to direct toward those wants.

Most people tend to think that retirement is the end, but here at Holiday Villa East, retirement is the start of something new and the perfect opportunity yet to live an indulgent but sensible life.



Keep Your Body Fit And Your Mind Sharp At Retirements Homes In Santa Monica

Transitioning into retirement can be both exciting and confusing for many seniors. After years of toiling hard in order to provide for your family, you suddenly find your busy schedule has turned into one big gaping hole. The burning question you might be thinking is,what will I do with my time?

Here at Holiday Villa East, one of the best retirement homes in Santa Monica, we have thoughtfully considered the needs of our seniors – from their accommodations and meals to the activities that they can engage in.

Accounting for the differences and needs of our seniors, we have carefully selected activities in order to help them keep their bodies healthy and their minds sharp.

As a person gets older, physical activity becomes more important. As such, we offer our residents a variety of activities they can engage in. If you prefer working out in groups, we have scheduled fitness classes which you can enjoy with your new buddies here at Holiday Villa East. On the other hand, if you prefer solitude, a quick daily stroll at our garden courtyard can also help boost both your physical health and your mood.

In order to keep your mind sharp, you can join our educational programs, discussion seminars, lecture series and Scrabble tournaments. If you enjoy the pleasure of reading books, our library boasts of good titles for you to devour. Perhaps you might have been longing to learn how to play a musical instrument; we can make the necessary arrangements for a reasonable fee.

If you are keen on keeping yourself updated with local and national news or even staying connected with your children and grandkids, we offer computer and Internet access. Our helpful staff are ready to provide you with assistance.

Here at Holiday Villa East, we make sure that our residents are not bored and stranded. If you wish to visit a doctor or stroll around town to shop, meet up with friends or visit museums, you can schedule a day trip. If you want to pamper yourself, we can arrange for stylists and massage therapists to come and visit you.

Finally, all our seniors enjoy nutritious, well-balanced meals, prepared by chefs, three times a day. For residents with special dietary requirements, we can provide low-sodium, vegetarian, kosher-style, heart-healthy and diabetic-friendly dishes.

Our goal here at Holiday Villa East is to build a community where not only lasting friendships are formed. On top of that, we strive to help our residents to make the most out of their retirement by enabling them to stay healthy and pursue their interests.


Today is the Chinese New Year and we got to eat my FAVORITE food… Chinese!  Boy was I excited.  In China, Chinese New Year celebrations are somewhat akin to Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up into one.  Hundreds of millions of people cram planes, trains and automobiles for long journeys home.  Sound familiar.  But, I digress.  Food.  Chef prepared chicken chow mein, sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli and fried rice.  It must have taken the staff hours to prepare, and it was well worth it.  We all enjoyed our meal tremendously and really appreciated it!!  And, at the end, fortune cookies were passed out.  My fortune read, “Next week, a new friend will come into your life.”  A little corny, but who can’t use another friend.  I’ll let you know what happens.  After the meal, we retreated to the dining room, for Chinese tea, coffee, and hot chocolate along with assorted cookies.  This was an exceptionally enjoyable day for all, especially me!  Thank you, HVE.


Today, we celebrate Presidents’ Day, honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of the most important presidents of our country.  Each famous in his own right, being responsible for shaping the direction of our country.  They even share a wondrous stone monument, Mount Rushmore, literally carved in the side of a mountain.  And, who can guess the other two presidents alongside them?  Why Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.  So, let’s give a cheer for President Washington, the father of our country, and President Lincoln, freer of the slaves.  We owe them both a tremendous debt of gratitude.



We were watching a program last month showing the birthdays of some older celebrities, and we got curious.  Let’s face it… celebrities are fun no matter your age.  My sister used to read “People Magazine” every week until she died at 93.  So, here are the February birthdays of some celebrities, of ALL walks of life… that we should remember and know.  After all, many of us don’t know who Justin Bieber is but we know who Jackie Gleason was.  It’s fun to reminiscence about those people we do know–and this is just a sampling.  Now, pay attention residents, it’s time for “HVE’S Brain Push-Ups.”

Sam will be passing out this list–for real!  It should only take you an hour or two, depends on how fast you are.  Take some “Memory enhancing Gingko Biloba” if you must and start brainstorming.  But, this is a quiz.  Write legibly and we’ll collect the papers from all participants for grading.  These people are/were all famous within their respective occupations.  Name their profession!   The HVE winner with the most correct answers will receive a beautiful Loving Cup, and the runner up, a big box of chocolates.  But again, some of you may want to skip 1st place, opting for the candy.  I know I would!  But then, I’m disqualified since I know all the answers.

It’ll be entertaining, a great way to pass the morning.  It was for me when I assembled this list and no cheating for you Internet users.  Remember, a level-playing field.  Residents, prepare your pencils.

Sam, it’s up to you… go forth, copy and paste…

Charles Darwin, Charles Lindberg, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordon, Dinah Shore, Farrah Fawcett, Rosa Parks, Alice Cooper, Hank Aaron, Bob Marley, Babe Ruth, James Dean, Florence Henderson, Galileo Galilei, Vanna White, Michael Jordan, Sidney Poitier, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Dorsey, Zero Mostel, Bernadette Peters, John Steinbeck, Joanne Woodward, Gale Gordon, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Nader (I don’t care what he said, I loved the “Corvair”), Fats Domino, Jackie Gleason, William Frawley, Tony Randall, Victor Hugo, Clark Gable, Langston Hughes, Sherman Hemsley, Don Everly, Boris Yeltsin, Tommy Smothers, Christie Brinkley, James Joyce, Norman Rockwell, Fran Tarkenton, Joey Bishop, Ida Lupino, Dan Quayle, Betty Friedan, Don Cherry, Fabian, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Tom Brokaw, Aaron Burr, Charles Dickens, Sinclair Lewis, John Williams, Lana Turner, Nick Nolte, Eva Gabor,  Ariel Sharon, Tony Randall, John Steinbeck, Dexter Gordon, Gavin MacLeod, Linus Pauling, Pepper Martin,  Mary Leakey, Mamie Van Doren, and not to be forgotten… the beautiful, inimitable Elizabeth Taylor… and many more.



Ha, the day of love.  So many memories.  As a child trading Valentine cards at school.  As a teenager, going to my first Valentine’s Day dance.  And, finally, getting married on Valentine’s Day.  It was a beautiful wedding and marriage that lasted 50 years!  I still keep the spirit of the day, even now.  Here at HVE, we’re like kids.  We trade cards and decorate the dining room with red and white banners along with a large heart with the arrow through it.  Awww.  There’s a rose on each of the tables, along with little dishes filled with valentine heart candies.  Chef made a delicious lunch, and, you guessed it… a great big red velvet cake topped off with cream cheese icing with hearts and angels decorations.   I ate too much, especially the cake.  I had seconds it was so good.  After lunch, many of us retreated to the entertainment area for hot chocolate and coffee, along with board games.  Eight of us  played Ma Jong (mixed doubles)  In the end, Anita and Tony won and didn’t they gloat.  But they did play well.  I just get too competitive.  Henry and Bob played poker with Harry and Al and four others, including Joan.  We don’t discriminate here.  There were huddles of Backgammon, Checkers, Bridge and Scrabble players.  And, not to be left out, some just sat by watching, too stuffed to play.  Now, that’s the biggest compliment to a Chef.  All in all, a fun day.  Personally, I hope we have leftover cake for nighttime snacks.

Enjoy Hotel-Style Living At This Continuing Care Retirement Community

You have worked hard all your life. You have made a pretty good living and provided well enough for your loved ones. So now come the rewards of retirement.

Finally, you can look forward to days when you need not get up so early, survive the morning rush, manage stress at the office, and endure the long drive back home. These days, you simply have to revel in the concept of not having to go to work. You just have to wake up and delight in every moment each day brings you.

But with retirement also comes a kind of solitude that you might not want. The kids have left the nest, so to speak. Some of your friends have moved to other States or moved in with their own kids in other cities. While you do have that option, independent living still rules over anything. You want to be able to have access to friends and family but still retain your need for privacy and, on some days, solace.

What you should look for is a continuing care retirement community that makes both things possible. At Holiday Villa East, we offer the kind of socialization you want and the occasional solitude you long for — in exceptional and affordable hotel-style living.

We are one of the best-kept secrets in Santa Monica. With our proximity to the beach, an inviting and diverse community of seniors, and the finest facilities, we have created the most beautiful and unique place where you can retire in luxury.

We offer you private suites with options for one- to two-bedroom accommodations, each fully furnished and cable-ready. Our hallways and elevators are also sufficiently designed for residents with mobility aids so getting around is as convenient and easy as possible.

Complementing our hotel-style accommodations are the resort-like activities designed for every interest and guaranteed to form bonds with new friends. From fitness and art classes to lecture series and the occasional Scrabble tournaments, your days will be filled with thrilling and stimulating endeavors.

Of course, if you wish to spend a quiet time by yourself, we offer you the relaxing and peaceful courtyard where you can read your favorite book or simply sit in contemplation.

Your day-to-day concerns will also be taken care of by our friendly staff. From your grocery shopping needs to your housekeeping, we can take on daily chores so you can retire without any worries at all.

Another secret to our vibrant and loving community is the delectable and healthy food. Prepared by chefs and using only the freshest California ingredients, our menus cater to any dietary need, from kosher to vegetarian, from low sodium to diabetic.

And you can bask in all this for only a third of the cost of what you would normally pay for the average senior’s facility.

Retirement is certainly a welcome stage in your life. Not only because your days in the rat race has finally come to an end, but also because you now have the opportunity to live out the rest of your days in a relaxing, inviting, and lovely senior’s community like ours. Drop us an email. Give us a call. And we’ll be more than happy to take you on a tour of what your future life will be like at Holiday Villa East.

How To Tell When A Loved One Needs An Assisted Living Community In Santa Monica

Moving out of your own home isn’t something you might be open to, especially if you’ve lived all your life in the same property. Such is the sentiment of most aging parents. Unfortunately, there will be cases in which moving your parents from their home and into assisted living may be necessary. But how do you know when to make that delicate decision?

assisted living santa monicaYou may not live with your loved ones, but when you do visit, there will be clear signs that tell you it’s time they received round-the-clock care (in order to remain healthy and safe) in an assisted living community in Santa Monica. Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to:

  • Your parents have bruises that they immediately brush off when you ask them what has happened. Bruising may be a sign that your parents have been falling down lately. This could mean that their home is no longer suitable for their movement, or it could be a sign of an illness.
  • You look into their medicine cabinet and you see a couple of bottles of pills that have already expired. The expiration might just be the tip of the iceberg. Your aging parents’ failing memory may also force them to take incorrect dosages.
  • You go into the kitchen and dishes are piled up. Some tasks may become too much for many aging parents. And so they might not be able to get to them anymore.
  • Your aging mom and dad tell you they have eaten. When you look in the fridge, you see (and smell) that a few dishes have already gone bad.
  • Your aging parents are wearing the same outfits they had on when you visited them a couple days back. Along with simple daily chores, most aging parents may be unable to bathe or groom themselves adequately.

These are just a few signs you’ll want to keep an eye on when your aging loved ones live on their own. But before you make the decision to move them, it is best to get everyone in the family involved and to broach the subject with care when speaking about it to your elderly parents.

Now, not all aging individuals require such attentive care and round-the-clock nursing care, from medication management to bathing and dressing. If your aging loved ones are still able to live independently but want to move to a retirement neighborhood, Holiday Villa East offers affordable yet exceptional facilities with social, educational, and fitness programs, hotel-style living with one- to two-room suites, chef-prepared dishes every day, and 24-hour staffing to cater to all your aging loved ones’ needs. We are not an assisted living facility, but if you do not need that level of care we can help and we’ll save you money on the way…

With a sufficient amount of assistance and award-winning facilities, your senior loved ones can and will live out the rest of their days in leisure, comfort, and style — and in a beach community to boot.


Today was our Sweetheart’s Tea Social.  It was quite fun.  We asked those who wanted to chose their special someone, if only for the day.  Julia and Arlene were the first to arrive and got the best seats.  They went stag, giving them a good vantage point to peer around and see all.  There were a couple instances of jealousy throughout as Ben chose Christine at about the same time as Harry chose her.  Christine had a difficult time choosing and in the end, Ben was the winner.  He treated her really special all day.  Harry was fine as he just asked someone else.  It was interesting to see who liked whom and who finally announced that they were a couple… like Anna and Jerry.  Even though they tried keeping it a secret-not wanting the attention, most of us guessed.  Of course, we had tea,  as well as coffee and hot chocolate.  There were a lot of assorted cookies, as well as cupcakes–enough for an army.  Personally, I ate so much I had a sugar rush.  Chalk it up to my devilish sweet tooth.  Hey, at my age, why not indulge.  The day ended nicely, many of the pairings spending time together.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get some matches.