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5 Ways To Enjoy A Santa Monica Senior Living Community

Age is nothing but a number and old age is but a state of mind. When you hit 70 or 80 ok but when you hit 90, you should celebrate — not only because reaching a ripe old age means you’ve survived it all, but also because celebrating your senior years can actually keep you young, and in the process, allow you to live a better quality of life.

enjoying santa monica senior homeWhat happens when you need to make that move from an apartment you’ve lived in for decades and into a Santa Monica senior living community? No major change, really, just that you’ll be living in a community with people similar to your age, ok maybe some younger but also some older. The unfamiliarity of a new community will, of course, be a little daunting at first, but once you settle in, you can truly have the time of your life. And here are five ways to do it:

  1. Pick the right senior living community.

Naturally, you’ll want to pick the ideal community, where seniors get to kick back and relax in a comfortable environment and have access to all the necessary assistance they will need. Santa Monica’s Holiday Villa East not only provides seniors with such a relaxing environment, but our award-winning community also does it in great style.

Consider the fully furnished one to two-room suites we offer, which will allow you to live in hotel-style luxury but without the heavy price tag. These rooms are, of course, cable ready so you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies at the click of a button. Aside from the pleasing accommodations, we also provide seniors with all types of activities, from art classes to exercise programs.

And to top it off, we are just minutes away from the beach!

  1. Socialize and get to know your neighbors.

Our senior community is home to a diverse group of people. You are sure to make new connections and forge lasting friendships. So socialize and get to know your neighbors. After all, the whole point of living in a “community” is to not be alone.

  1. Play board games & join classes and make it a daily habit.

Studies have shown that mentally stimulating activities can decrease your risk for neurological decline. So keep your mind alert with, art, music, current events or games that boost your brainpower.

At Holiday Villa East, we not only encourage such programs & games to be played at your leisure, but we also put together competitions, like the Scrabble tournaments. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can play off against the residents or our staff.

  1. Join a fitness or wellness program — or join them all.

Staying fit is another way to socialize with your neighbors in Holiday Villa East. Our exercise classes will not only look after your physical state but also boost your mental and spiritual well-being. Don’t think you cant\’t do our yoga or Tai-Chi class because it was deigned for YOU!

  1. Have a fun day out.

And finally, explore what our location has to offer. With our free and public transportation, you and your new friends can have a fun day out to the surrounding neighborhoods. You’re just 17 blocks from the beach so a quick stop to the beach to see the sun set is doable. Then it’s back to your safe and comfortable home in Holiday Villa East.



Today is the birthday of a great man who changed the face of our nation.  He was the father of the American Civil Rights Movement and deserves to be celebrated and honored for his part in changing history and making such an impact on millions of lives.

What To Look For In Santa Monica Senior Housing

Certain things are to be expected when you reach that golden age. You get tired more quickly, and all too often. You eat your meals earlier every single day. And you might even sleep even before the sun is down.

While old age may also bring a welcome change, as in retiring from your job and relaxing for the rest of your days, it could also bring on a kind of loneliness. This is especially true when a spouse has passed away and the kids are all living far from your home. Overall, when you get to be a senior, changes are bound to happen and you will have to adapt.

looking for a senior home facility in santa monicaPart of adapting to the changes in your life may be to look for the right Santa Monica senior housing, which will vary in amenities and cost. But you don’t have to spend all of your life savings just to find a comfortable establishment that will cater to your every need.

Here at Holiday Villa East, we take retirement living up a notch — but without the excessive price tag. Designed exclusively for independent seniors, like you, our retirement community provides a comfortable ambience of hotel living but with the cozy appeal of home. And here’s the best part: It’s family owned &rent-controlled.

If you live alone, the one-bedroom suite, which features an intercom system and bathroom with grab bars and pull-cord alarm for your safety, should suffice. If you’re moving in with a loved one, the two-bedroom suite would be a marvelous choice. All suites, incidentally, are fully furnished.

Fully furnished housing units can be a key factor to choosing your senior housing because then you can just move in with a suitcase of your clothes, as opposed to worrying about where to get a couch or a bed or how to transport your old furniture. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of your cherished art or furniture.

Another thing to consider would be your day-to-day life, which means doing the laundry, making your meals, getting the groceries, and so on. Wouldn’t it be better if someone could do all those for you while you pursue a hobby, interest or exercise class?

At Holiday Villa East, we take care of everything so that you’re free to enjoy yourself. For starters, your daily meals will not only be prepared according to your dietary needs (e.g., low cholesterol, low salt, kosher-style, vegetarian, etc.) but they will be by our 37 yr certified chef using the freshest ingredients. So you can expect to dine on flavorful and healthy meals every day.

Yes. The retirement age can bring on unsettling changes. But eventually you’ll find your footing and begin to enjoy stress-free days. Why not enjoy those days in a warm, inviting, safe, and comfortable environment? Why not get your own place at our rent-controlled senior living community? Because the moment you walk into Holiday Villa East, you’ll know you’rein the right place, your new home.



Like all good things that must come to an end, so too has our pink design bit the dust.  That’s right.  HVE is undergoing some renovations and among them we’re doing away with the antiquated flamingo pink lobby, dining room and pink walls.  Up from the rubble will rise a beautiful warm decor of earth tones, bringing us into the 21st century.  This photo shows the “rubble” of the dining room as walls and ceilings are stripped and taped, with holes in the plaster at bottom of walls.  The chairs and floors are the old pink, so no bother.  If you want a sneak peak, you’ll have to stop by for a visit.  Otherwise, stay tune for the grand unveiling.

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Finding A Suitable Retirement Home – Santa Monica Residents’ List Of Important Factors To Consider

Taking your parent to a retirement COMMUNITY can OFTEN be a difficult decision to make. However, if you do decide that this is the right course of action to take, the decision becomes EASIER knowing that you have made the right choice when it comes to choosing THE RIGHT ONE. But what exactly makes a suitable retirement home? Santa Monica residents mulling over this big decision will benefit from this checklist.

As with many big decisions, price is a crucial factor that needs to be seriously considered. A suitable COMMUNITY offers seniors and their families affordable rates that suit varied budgets. Ideally, the cost should cover the basic needs of your parent, and amenities beyond these are a definite plus.

However, price should not be the only crucial factor when selecting a facility. One of the more important factors to consider is the quality of accommodations IT offers its residents.

retirement home sm1

ONE OF The most important things is convenience. Check whether there is ample room for your parent and his or her things. If your parent needs mobility assistance, does the facility have wide hallways and elevators? Are the surroundings clean and secure? Can your parent ACCESS immediate assistance when THE NEED ARISES? Is the neighborhood safe? In short, you WANT TO feel confident THAT THE COMMUNITY IS SAFE, SECURE & RESPONSIVE.

The COMMUNITY should also be able to offer nutritious yet delicious meals for its residents. If your parent has some dietary restrictions due to cultural/religious or health reasons, check whether CHOICES OR accommodations ARE AVAILABLE.

Seniors also need to exercise both their minds and their bodies in order to ensure their health and well-being. Check what activities your parent can enjoy while staying in the facility. A suitable facility will offer residents a diverse number of activities ranging from those that involve social interaction to those that are suited for seniors who prefer MORE solitude.

Do check whether the facility HELP ARRANGE FOR assistance for the personal needs of your parent including simple pleasures like getting a haircut or a massage. Should they wish to go outside for leisure, can the facility accommodate your parent’s request?

The final factor that you should take the time to look into is the quality of the staff the facility has. Are they committed to the health and well-being of their residents? Are they able to make the residents feel at ease and comfortable? HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN WITH THE COMMUNITY THEY SERVE?


2015 is here.  Wow, is that strange.  When I was little, I never imagined being here for another century.  The things I’ve seen and lived through and how “fast” this modern world runs is truly amazing.  For one, I could not have begun to dream of something called a “cell phone” or even yet a “computer” and this thing called the “Internet”… which I am using to “talk” to all of you.  As many of us gathered in the parlor over hot drinks, we spoke of this very topic.  We reminisced and talked about the “good ole days.”  We felt melancholy for the old, slower pace of life.  Well, once we got off that frame of mind, we celebrated the fact that we’re still here and kicking.  And, turned to our favorite past-time… eating!  Chef made us a great lunch, along with one of his huge, delicious cakes.  It was decorated with little babies wearing 2015 banners.  Quite fun.  So, there you have it.  We’re here and happy to celebrate 2015, to be our most interesting year yet.