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Monthly Archives: November 2014


Thanksgiving Day is here and was I excited.  It’s one of my favorite holidays – I get to stuff myself with all the incredible food.  This was the very first holiday that my family and I celebrated when we came to this country.  It always reminds me of my parents.  I can still see Papa standing over a huge turkey, large carving knife in hand.  And, Mama serving all the delicious food, a plate at a time… with the anticipation building as all of us children waited with bated breath.   Now, my children and grandchildren come celebrate with me – as do many of the other residents’.  We have a great big setup in the cafeteria and even spill over into the adjoining Events Room.  Beautiful centerpieces were on every table and we had  pre-dinner entertainment–live music, with Margot and Sheldon dancing away.  It was touching to watch.  There were 5 huge turkeys, tons of sides, a “vat” of stuffing, cranberries, yams, crunchy green beans, everything traditional.  And, who could forget the pumpkin, yam and apple pies.  There was something for everyone.  It was absolutely delicious.  After dinner, the children wanted to play games, so those who could move played cards, board games and watched TV.  But, don’t ask me what they watched.  I was engrossed in a heated bridge tournament.  And, guess what… my team won!  Ha!  It was a fun day.

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Well, time for ladies to choose your favorite gent for your dance partner.  It’s Sadie Hawkins’ Day and we were all lively today.  All the women went around, picking their favorite guy.  We were all pleased as punch at the pairings. The entertainment room was decorated with pink and blue streamers and at the head of the room hung a pair of old-fashioned woman’s ruffled panties, and a pair of cowboy boot.  Sam brought in a D.J. who played “our” music from the 40s through the 60s.  And, those of us who could, danced and danced.  The weather was nice, so we had a barbeque of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and roasted corn.  Lots of sides too. And, what special occasion would not be complete without one of our Chef’s famous cakes.  Chocolate with white frosting, with cowboy hats and ruffled panties decorated around the cake.  Afterwards, we retired to the sitting parlor for tea and hot chocolate, everyone had a smile on their face.


Today is Veterans’ Day.  It’s the day where we honor all men and women in the armed forces, helping preserve our way of life–both alive and dead.  It’s a somber day for those of us who served and lost friends, and for those who lost family and friends.  The community has a large flag that we placed outside the front door as a sign of support for our country.  It was a day of reflection as most of us are of an age to have lived through many wars, as far back as WWII.  Among those WWII veterans is Wyman, along with Kiesha.