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Monthly Archives: October 2014


BOO!!  Seriously, though.  We had a fun time.  I dressed up as Count Dracula, complete with the makeup… and, my wrinkled face matched the character.  But seriously, it was a blast.  My favorite gal-pal dressed up as Morticia from “The Adams’ Family” TV show.  Wow.  Was her black wig long.  And, I couldn’t believe it.  Fred put a sock up his arm, and cut out the hand.  He went around all evening saying that he was “Thing.”   A few people got it.  Barbara and Sy dressed up as Superman and Wonder Woman.  Barbara’s blonde hair kept coming out of the black wig.  Morty as a Beetle and Gussie as Patty Andrews.  But the winner was SueAnn who dressed up like Judy Garland in her clown costume, makeup and all.  She even did some impromptu diva singing of an upbeat “Over The Rainbow.”  That cinched it.  SueAnn won a giant box of chocolate.  But it got better!!  Some of our families came over and it was a real treat to see all the cute costumes.  The children trick-or-treated throughout the residents’ rooms, each getting a bag full of candy.  (We were prepared.) Chef made us a special dinner complete with a huge double-layered orange cake decorated with bats, witches on brooms, ghosts, a tomestone and lots of candy corn.  The common areas were decorated with spider webs, witches, bats, black cats, ghosts, etc.  All the usual halloween decorations on the walls and tables, and, my favorite, chocolate bars strewn around the tables.  Oh, we cannot forget the pumpkin, or should I say pumpkinS.  The children loved everything.  Earlier in the afternoon, Sam brought in about 20 pumpkins.  We drew straws for the decorating.  Then, they were all lined up to choose the winner… Betty.  The pumpkins were then placed all over the place for atmosphere.  After, when all the activities calmed down, and the children went home, we gathered in the dining room for coffee and hot chocolate.  It truly was a fun day for all.  And, check it out… Miguel dressed as a little devil and Gussie as whatever scary thing that is.



Well, our beloved Sam, the Executive Director of the facility, turned 59 years old today.  Ha, he’s such a baby.  But, seriously, Sam runs the whole place and we would be lost without his caring, understanding and knowledge of our unique situations and how to solve any issues that arise.  We all give you a great big hug.  Thank you, Sam.

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I’ve lived in So. Cal. for over 40 years now, coming from New York.  Yet, I still fear earthquakes, and feel vulnerable at the very thought.   Well, today I’ve been given some tools to help me feel more in control should a disaster happen.   It was actually a very interesting day, not scary at all.  The Santa Monica Red Cross came out and gave us a lecture and demonstrations on disaster awareness.  They gave us suggestions on how to prepare for and what to do should the “big one” hit.  Personally, I feel better knowing that I can have some control over the situation and not just be a complete victim.  So, what’s the first step during the next “aftershock?”  We’ll all be trying to bend under the tables, unable to get down to the floor… but then, if we do, how do we get up?  That’s the big question.  Or, do we fight for the door jam, initiating “survival of the fittest.”  But, seriously, it was an informative afternoon and I’m glad we had the opportunity.

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Today was Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.  It started by a great “feast” last night with all the trimmings.  Chef had two entrees, sides galore, and an assortment of cookies, bite-sized danish, and a charming touch, red velvet cupcakes.  In contrast, today, we fasted for the entire day.  I have to admit that it gets tougher every year.  But, it’s tradition and the way to atone for our sins.  Though personally, I’m okay in that department.  We also had a Rabbi come to visit up and do some prayers.  The day ended with a great Supper to break the fast.  It included all the trimmings, and to keep to theme, a huge red velvet cake with cream cheese icing–homemade by the Chef.   All in all, it was a nice day with a feeling of connection to one another.


Wasn’t this an interesting day.  Three members of the Santa Monica Council came by for a visit.  They wanted to see the facility and mingle with us residents.  And, some of us even questioned them on their plans for bettering the city.  There were three in total who came by, and, coincidentally, they were running for re-election.  Humm.