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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Tonight was the start of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.  We celebrate for 2 days and it’s one of my favorite holidays.  Reason being that it signifies a fresh start, a time for reflection and making goals for the coming year.  We had our families over celebrating with us.  Chef Jose made a great dinner .  We had brisket, roasted potatoes, roasted veggies,  and more.  For dessert, we had apple slices and bread dipped in honey (a symbol of our wishes for a sweet new year).  And, sweet apple cake and jelly rolls.  Sam, our Executive Director, went all out for us.  He brought in a Rabbi who blew the Shofar which is one of the most important observances of this holiday.  The Shofar is a ram’s horn which is blown somewhat like a trumpet to “ring in” the new year.  You’re not allowed to work on this holiday, which isn’t an issue with us.  However, it did allow our families to come by for an early dinner.  After dinner, we all adjourned to the living room for talk and play board games.  Followed with hot chocolate and coffee.  It was certainly an enjoyable evening!


Okay, I confess… donuts are one of my favorite foods, fattening as they are.  What are donuts but fried pieces of flavored dough… but, oh so good.  Then, you combine them with coffee, and you’re styling, a combination for the senses… taste, smell and culinary delight.  So, some of us got together and requested this unusual social, and come to find out that we aren’t the only ones with this craving.  We had many different kinds of donuts, and some very delicious Mocha Java.  Yum.



Today was a fun day.  Us ladies got together for a “tea” social.  Just like the old days.  We enjoyed little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, delicious pastries and teas of five varieties. The gathering brought back many memories of years gone by in a slower paced, delicate world.



My 10 year old grandson, Charles, came over today and asked, “what is Labor Day?”  Well, I told him that it was a tribute to all the workers of our country… to the hard work and contributions they made.  And, since so many people celebrate the holiday with a picnic, we decided to have our own picnic here at Holiday Villa East.  We hung up a large flag against the wall.  And, we took tables out into the back garden.  Chef Jose manned the barbeque and there were hot dogs and hamburgers, along with lots of sides, all kinds, not to mention the chips and salsa.  There was something there for everyone.  And, to top it off, we had a huge cake that Jose made.  Decorated as a flag with little statuettes of men and women, and it was my favorite chocolate with strawberry filling.  Charles also had a wonderful time and enjoyed the activities.  I’m so glad he came.