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Monthly Archives: July 2014


Today is HVE‘s 36th anniversary.  It’s amazing.  I’ve been here for 15 years now and it’s been a joy.  Not only the staff and residents, but the building itself sets off an air of friendliness and peacefulness the moment you walk in the door.  The staff, starting with Executive Director Sam Rosenberg, are all wonderful.  They truly enjoy working around us.  We can tell.  Whether it’s a game of scrabble with the staff to Sam’s open-door policy for all of our questions.  And, to celebrate, Sam surprised us with a Luau.  It was wonderful.  We had a Hula dancer!  She gave out lays to everyone and gave us hula lessons.  Some of us excelled so much, she brought us up to the front.   The tables and walls were decorated with an ocean motif, and we had fish with all the fixings. For dessert, we had tapioca pudding and, you guess it, a great cake.  There was blue icing, fishes and a hula hoop on top.  The Chef did a wonderful job.  We danced and ate the night away.  It was a truly wonderful evening that we’ll remember for quite a while.

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July 4th.  A day to celebrate our country.  We had a great time, setting up tables outside to enjoy the weather.   Small flags decorated all the tables and hung off the rafters and we draped red, white and blue decorations all around the tables. Many of our families came and we had another barbeque.  After all, what’s a fun July 4th without a barbeque.  We had lots of food, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Our chef did a great job with the potato, macaroni and bean salads, as well as all the other sides.  Lunch was quite fun.   There was also a huge cake decorated like a flag, and the best part was that many of our families came.  Many of us stayed outside soaking up the sun and ocean breeze.  Others went inside for coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  Best of all, board games again.  Gee, is this a habit!  I won 5 red chips, translating to $3.75.  What a win!