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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Well, this was a heartfelt day. Many of us have lost family and friends during the wars. For those of us who served, it is especially difficult knowing that we survived and they didn’t. We honored them by placing flags on each table in the dining room, and by having red, white and blue streamers around the entertainment area. Chef Andre made all American favorites for lunch, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, to name a few. He also baked a huge cake, and decorated it like a flag, using strawberries and blueberries. It was quite stunning, and very delicious. After lunch, most of us adjourned to the entertainment room for card and board games. It was a nice, quiet day, a time for reflection.

Geriatric Care Management and Mental Health

Geriatric Care Management and Mental Health – There is no health without mental health!

Dear friends and colleagues,

In honor of May being National Geriatric Care Management Month AND National Mental Health Month, it seemed an apt time to discuss how to help when these two worlds collide, whether addressing what has been termed by the Administration on Aging as a “national crisis in geriatric mental health” or by helping your aging clients who are dealing with the added stress of caring for an adult child with a mental illness.  This is where Care Management can make a profound difference in quality of life for the entire family.

In terms of geriatric mental health, 20% of Americans 55 years and older experience a mental illness.  Suicide occurs at a higher rate in older adults than in any other age group.  The Administration on Aging examined what is available to elderly Americans with mental illness and found that older Americans are denied access to needed treatment and services.  Some barriers to access are a fragmented mental healthcare system, service gaps, poor collaboration and coordination among providers, and stigma surrounding mental illness.

In terms of managing the care of a dependent child, doing so without professional support can overwhelm those responsible.  Attached are ways Care Managers can assist seniors struggling with the mental illness of a dependent child.  The burden on an aging parent can truly be shared with a professional Care Manager familiar with mental illness and the mental healthcare systems.

Below is a link to one of LivHOME’s pertinent Podcasts exploring the topic of depression which tends to emerge at this time of year as winter has transitioned into spring.  Topics include: defining depression, the signs and symptoms of depression, getting appropriate treatment, and dealing with resistance to a diagnosis of depression.

Two great articles I also want to share with you today.

1: “Managing a Psychiatric Concern” by LivHOME


2: “LivHOME, Special Services: Providing Care for Dependent Adults”


Warmly,Ruthie Rosenberg


In Loving Memory Of  Michael Shuwarger.







By: Wyman Sanders

There is sacredness in tears.
They are not a mark of weakness,
But of power.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief,
And unspeakable love.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Michael Shuwarger
By: Wyman Sanders

We knew a man named Michael,
Indeed, a special friend.
His mind was share, his body keen.
He was exceptional to the end.

His age was quite remarkable.
‘Twas more then most can hum,
You even have to remove your shoes,
Before you’d reach that sum.

He started life in Russia land
And then moved all about:
Finally setting in sun and sand
After many countries did count-

He had a wife I never met:
And she too was a gem.
For all I heard was wonderful things.
She equaled him to the end.

He had many jobs while growing up
From teacher to government translator
He was outstanding in all of those things.
Ask anyone and they will tell you.

He’s now passed on in the universe
Where he’ll again make friends anew.
So we wish the best in his afterlife
Good bye to the best friend I ever knew.



Mother’s Day was very special this year.  First, beautiful Orchid Corsages were handed out during brunch to all our ladies.  We had a lovely meal and afterwards, adjourned to the common area for hot chocolate, coffee and good conversation.  Well, at least some of us.  Others played board games and cards all afternoon… the ladies were real fierce today.   Must have been all that sugar from the wonderful cake we had.  It was made by our very own cook, Saul, and beautifully decorated.  And, did it taste good.  I couldn’t resist and took seconds.  Some of us even caught a lawn chair and basked in the ocean breeze for a while, reading.  All in all, everyone had a great time.

Mother's Day corsage mother's day MargoMother's Day Cake 2014


Viva la Mexico!  Boy did we have fun today.  A visitor came by, dressed in a beautiful traditional Mexican party dress.  There was music, and Fran and Sam let loose on the dance floor, with people watching from the bystands.  It was quite fun to watch, party banners above.  The banners in traditional Mexican colors, red, white and green, adorned the facilities.  There was a large piñata with sombreros on the piano… and, the food and drink today…  Margaritas and nachos.  Que Bueno!  It was a wonderful treat for all.

cinco de mayo#1 cinco de mayo#2 cinco De Mayo