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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Well, how do you celebrate this holiday?  Simple, we chose to go out for ice cream.  There were a lot of kids around since no school for the day.  It was fun watching them, style of hair and clothing changes.  We even chatted with a few.  Quite enjoyable despite the overcast sky.  Back at the ranch, the Chef prepared one of his exceptional meals and we just lounged around.  Some went to the courtyard with newspapers and for good conversation. Others circled around the TV while some had a particularly competitive scrabble game with the staff.  And, guess who won…  maybe I’ll leave you guessing.


Today was a special day.  We decorated the tables with hearts, roses and Valentine’s cards in each centerpiece, and put little heart candies by each plate.  Corny, but cute.  The Chef made an especially delicious lunch, with heart-shaped cakes.  Many of us took seconds it was so good.  In the afternoon, we sat around in the pallor, talking, playing games, and munching on heart shaped cookies with hot Coco and Coffee.  I chose to play Poker and won $10.  Quite a surprise.  Some of the ladies paired off with favorite gentleman and played Bridge and Scrabble.  Barbara won the biggest pot, $25 at Bridge.  We had a pleasant, relaxing afternoon.  Fun for all!