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Monthly Archives: December 2013


Tonight was a special occasion.  We had a trio come in and entertain us for two hours.  A couple of the residents even got up and danced.  It was fun to see.  The music was a special treat, with many of us moving our feet to the beat.   Afterwards, we had sparkling cider to toast in the new year.  A couple of us even went into our rooms to sneak a glass of champagne.  It was even more special.   Those who were awake enough, watched the various musical TV shows hailing in the new year.  I have to admit though that some of the younger bands were just a bit too much for me.  After the countdown, we ended the evening with many of us retiring into our rooms.  Happy new year to all.


Christmas is here.  It’s fun for all of us, regardless of religion.  We have a great big tree with lots of  beautiful ornaments.  Many donated their ornaments when they moved here, so it’s a wonderful assortment of sparkle.  There were gifts for all of us under the tree.  Many from our friends in the community, from our family and “outside” friends, and from the staff as well.  I received a beautiful red cardigan and argyle socks.  Quite festive.  I changed immediately!  And, for our grandchildren, we had a jolly Santa giving out presents and candy canes.  The kids had a real kick out of it.  Even us “oldsters.”  For dinner, we had four large turkeys again.  Our family came over to join us.  We had enough food for an army, ending in pumpkin and apple pies.  It was quite an enjoyable day for all.