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Monthly Archives: May 2013


Today was a somber day for many of our residents.  Many are veterans.  And, many civilians also lost friends and family.  But, it was also a day to celebrate life.  We had a picnic for all, including family.  There were miniature flags on the tables with red, white and blue streamers hanging from the ceiling – hamburgers, hot dogs and one of our chef’s famous home-made cakes decorated in the shape of a flag.  It was a fun day for all.


Today is Mother’s Day and all our ladies dolled up. We had flowers for them, and many had visitors. It was nice for us all to have family around.  We had a special buffet lunch for everyone with two great big cakes for dessert.  We had a full house and everyone had a great time-even the men.


The 5th grade class from Santa Monica Synagogue came to visit us.  It’s always a special occasion when they do.  We get such delight in mingling with the young ones. And, they genuinely enjoy our company, or so their teacher says.  Today, they brought us paintings.  Reminds me when my kids were young.

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