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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Art Class


We met for our regular art class.  The theme was “Unleash your inner artist.”  This time it was quite interesting.  We had a live model, Alberto, our nightly maintenance man .  It was nice to draw a live model for a change.  Still lifes are nice, but a model is more interactive and more challenging.IMG_20130130_104227


Today was the first day of the new year.  I always find that exciting.  Wondering what the new year will bring.  And, I know of two residents who are especially thankful to be celebrating the new year.  Our spring chicken, Lily 96 years young, and our official Guest Greeter, Jack 103 years.  (I won’t say “old.”)  A few of the residents watched football, while some others watched the Rose Bowl Parade.  We had chips, snacks and mini pizzas for lunch.  It was quite enjoyable.

2012-07-18 18.16.05_Santa Monica_California_USJACK-CROPPED