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Monthly Archives: December 2012


We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner party.  Plenty of food, music, and lots of laughs and smiles.  People enjoyed themselves, especially one previously married pair who were in the same room with their son for the first time in 50 years.  It was truly heart warming.IMG951897


Well, here we are… it’s officially Winter. Time to break out those umbrellas and rain boots. not to mention snow shoes if you like to go skiing up in Big Bear. But, at our age, that could be a bit dangerous. We wanted to bring in the season with another party… see a running theme here?! Anyway, it’s time to bundle up, so our party took place inside with a roaring fire and plenty of hot chocolate and hot apple cidar. We had an old-fashioned social theme. Just plenty of good food (thank you Chef Jose), buffet style in the dining room, and a beverage bar complete with cappachino from our new machine. There were plenty of board games, and people playing cards, knitting and reading. The highlight of the party was our penny raffle. During the afternoon, we purchased tickets for a penny each. Some only a couple, others as much as $1.00 worth… the limit. Mary donated a purple knit scarf, while Marvin a book on Sailboats. And, so it went, with most donating something. The last prize was a raffle of the afternoon’s take… $6. Charles won that! He was so excited that he yelled out, “drinks for all.” It was a pleasant, relaxing time for all with everyone having fun.


Chanukah came early this year. But we were ready. We had a huge Menurah. Residents took turns lighting the candles every night, and we sang songs… and even had fun spinning the dreidel. But, this wasn’t your kiddie version. We wagered pennies on the game. Bernie came out as the winner with the most pennies. Boy, was he proud.

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For our holiday party, Santa was the big hit. Talk about a rolly, jolly Santa… we had a great big one, with a huge pointed beard. Absolutely captivating. He stopped by to visit us on the way back from his Xmas vacation in Cancun. He need some fattening up to fit into his suit and his sunburn matched! Some of our “older” kids asked Santa for some fancy equipment… new i-phones and the hybrid Ferrari scotter. We’ll have to see if they were “naughty or nice.” Betty was all set with her walking shoes, ready for her afternoon walk, trying to get Santa to come along. And, not to be forgotten, some tried for Chanukkah presents from Santa. And, guess what, he had a Menurah tucked in his great big pocket. That explains some of the stuffing.





Let’s give Lupe a huge Happy Birthday! She turned XX years old… only her hairdresser knows! As Sam’s executive assistant, she all but runs the place. In an attempt to throw her off, we announced her party as the 4th, her actual birthday. But, we threw her a surprise party on the 3rd. Boy, was she surprised. She hates the extra attention, but it was fun for everyone, and Lupe ended up having a great time. There was a Mariachi Band, dancing, and Chef Jose whipped up wonderful Mexican food. Everything you could imagine. There was something for everyone. And, the dessert… wow… Lupe’s very favorite chocolate cake from Vienna Bakery on Wilshire. It was a wonderful meal with seconds for most. All our best, Lupe!mariachi-796319