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Monthly Archives: November 2012


Well, I’m ready to fall asleep. I had a great, big wonderful meal prepared by Chef Andre. We had a huge  crowd this year. We had to bring in long tables for the crowd in the dining room, and set up the regular tables in the patio. All the kiddies were placed there as well. Many of the residents had their families come
to share the day with us. There was food galore, everything you could imagine for a holiday dinner. And, the desserts. Wow, every kind of pie there is. Afterwards, since we had space limitations, we played bingo. Even the kids got into it. Several of them won and boy were they excited. Well, after all that turkey, i’m ready to go to sleep. Happy Thanksgiving to all our loyal readers.



Yesterday was the day to celebrate all of our Veterans who risked their lives for our country. And, to remember those who didn’t make it. In our community, we have 20 Veterans. We threw a special dinner for them, announcing all their names as a tribute to their country.



Yeh, that means Thanksgiving, Xmas and Channukah are coming. On the bad side, daylight ends sooner. Iwill have to ride my bike earlier than before. Also it means end of beach parties. We enjoyed a couple of those during the summer too.