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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Holiday Villa East loves Halloween. We put cobwebs all over, pumpkins, and ghosts   a       dorn every doorway.  We put up a scary booth               for those brave residents. Our Chef Andre, cooked       up loads of food, including goblin eyes (actually             meatballs). A witch with a carrot nose, and                     spaghetti squash hair. There is a huge cake in the         shape of a big, old fat pumpkin. We have orange           frosted cupcakes, candy corn and chocolate oranges… not a good dessert tablre for those diabetics. So, not to leave them out, we sugarfree candy and cupcakes. Frosted in red for blood. Anyway, the scary booth had ghosts and goblins coming at you from every side, scary music and narration and all who dared to enter, loved it. We partied all through the night. And, let’s wish a very happy birthday to our Executive Director, Sam Rosenberg. And, his twin sister too.  Sam, we won’t ask how old.



Today is a fun holiday. We got to build a tent… rather, the men we hired to do it, and we ate dinner in it. It  was fairly large as you can imagine in order to fit us all. Tables were set up, and we had a sit-down dinner with plenty of “jewish” food and desserts. Over the meal, we said a couple of prayers and afterwards, we pulled out the cards and played Bingo. Why miss a good opportunity! The tent will be left in the back courtyeard for 7 days. During this time, anyone who wants to eat inside may do so.