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Monthly Archives: September 2012


This day of Atonement was spent very quietly. Those of us who are Jewish, spent the day reflecting on this past year,and how we can improve the coming year. Since most of us fast this day, we were all looking forward to tonight’s dinner, break the fast. Dinner was incredible. Chef Andre made all the traditional Jewish dishes, plus others. And, the desserts were unbelievable. I had a sugar overload just sampling everything. But, oh so good! After dinner, we had a movie night and rented, “Meet the Fockers.” Quite funny, and Streisand is usually good, Hoffman was his usual neurotic self.



One of the things that I miss having in So. Cal, is a change of the seasons. Trees aren’t covered with multi-colored leaves, falling to the ground. Or, people rushing by wearing gloves, scarves and hats. Here in Los Angeles, people are wearing shorts and t-shirts and complaining about little sprinkles… especially when you live in a beach community such as Holiday Villa East. Well, besides all that, we decided to revolt and have a “first day of fall” celebration. After all, a good many of us are not native to Los Angeles. So, what theme did we choose this time. We asked around, getting residents’ opinions and outside game day. Horseshoes,Lawn Bowling, Lawn Darts, etc. After all, we might be old, but we’re young in spirit. This time in order to make room for all the games, we had a buffet inside the main dining room. That way, we could come and go as we wanted, eating when we wanted in between games. Some of us weren’t into the games, so they just sat quietly and observed. LIke Amos who peacefully read his book, and Frannie who worked on her quilt. To them, they were having a good time just being around everyone. Dan won the Horsehoes tournament, Sara the Lawn Bowling, and John, wiped away the competition in Lawn Darts. All three won a basket of brownies and cookies from Mrs. Fields. But, they didn’t want to share. Nevermind, we had a few saved for everyone else to get a bite or two. So, is how we welcomed Fall.


Happy New Year to all of our readers! We especially planned a Jewish New Year celebration, and our non-Jewish friends also joined in. We had a special dinner with all the traditional foods. The whole meal was delicious. For our observant residents, we had a Rabbi in who blew the Shofar, welcoming in the new year. It was very traditional and interesting for people to watch.



Grandparents Day was a “play” day. We decided to have a game day for everyone to really let lose. They bought chips for a penny, nickel, or dime. And, the highest bid on any game was only 25 cents. We had a Ma Jong tournament, Bingo, Poker, Jizsaw puzzles (that was interesting), and Billiards. You’d be surprised who won that, Julie Bishop! We also invited the grandkids over and rented some video games for them.
We had a delicious meal prepared by Andre, and brownies and all sorts of cookies for dessert. The game winners got medals showing that they were #1. But that’s not all. They also got gift certificate for Macy’s so they could get a little something that they wanted. All in all, it was a great, fun day for everyone.



Ah, Labor Day… half-way between 4th of July and Thanksgiving. That was pretty smart. It really has two ¬†meanings these days. a day off, and end of summer. So, a couple of the residents had a great idea. They wanted to go to the beach just before dawn and see the sun come up over the ocean. So, about 1/3 of the residents wanted to go along, so, we loaded up the Villa Van with everyone, tons of hot coffee, and a lot of fresh-baked danish from the place down the street. It’s open all night baking away. Since we were the only ones down there, we got primo seating. Right on the waterfront. It was amazing to watch the sun rise up over the waterline. Truly a breath taking experience. So, after we all ate our danish with coffee, we headed
back to the community. And, then, we were ready for the encore of the day. An old-fashioned picnic with hot dogs and hamburgers. First, though, everyone needed a nap, including me. Some of us brought back souveniers… fresh sand in a bottle. So, we spread that on the tables for a rustic feel. All had a great time, and the hit was the triple layer, chocolate-pineapple-vanilla cake. Just delicious. We all eat most it, having seconds… oh well, diet time tomorrow.