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Monthly Archives: June 2012


Time for Holiday Villa East reisdents to break out the bathing suits and sunscreen and head out to the  beach. It’s only a few blocks away. One of the perks of where we live. Ha! We gathered everyone up, stepped into the Villa Van, and away we went. Between the bodies, umbrellas, totebags and sun chairs, the van was pretty full. The weather was beautiful… sunny, lightly breezy… not too warm. The beach is nice, not too hot Luckily, we got there before the kids got out of school. It was nice and quiet for sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. Ruben, the ex-architect, even built a complex structure in the sand. Amazing. Quite fun. Come 3:00pm, the kids came out in droves. That was our sign to go home When we got back, we had a really nice barbeque with all the fixin’s.



Time to celebrate our fathers. Both here with us and those who have passed on. Here at Holiday Villa East,  we had a party for all the fathers in the community. Some of the other residents and their families invited their fathers to join in the fun. And, for those without fathers, we just celebrated their lives and reminisced.

We had balloons and a couple of large cakes and a juice bar. That got a lot of attention. Especially when  someone spiked the orange juice… no, just kidding.

All in all, it was a fun day.  


Time to celebrate our Flag. But do you know what the flag symbolizes? Let’s see how many of you do.

Pop Quiz time:

Currently, the flag has 50 stars that stand for 50 states. However, when the flag was originally sewn by Betsy Ross, there were only 13 states, so that flag had just 13 a circle.

There are 13 stripes that alternate red and white. These symbolizes the country’s institutions in the United Kingdom and the original 13 rebellious colonies. The blue square represents a new constellation–which are those original 13 founding colonies. The colors stand for:

                                                    White: purity, cleanlines      
Red: bravery, courage
Blue: Endurance

   June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress, seeking to            promote national pride and unity, adopted the national      flag. And, as each new state was admitted to the Union, a new star was added to the flag.

So, who passes the quiz? Stand up and raise your hand.  A couple of our residents won prizes for knowing these facts–Joanna won a jewelry box, and Ephran won a book on the history of Colonial America.  Nice job, you two.

Marcella and lucy

Marcella and Lucy spending time together at the Crossroads luncheon. 

Luncheon With the Crossroads Kids

                             The residents get invited to a luncheon at Crossroads Elementary…
This is were our resident get the will power to get in our famous van just so they can see the children that light up there hearts every month for the last time.