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Monthly Archives: October 2011

It’s Halloween-lots of Tricks & even more Treats

Halloween at Holiday Villa East is a special time. Not only because the residents dress up but because it’s Sam’s Birthday. Every year for the past almost 3 decades the staff try & surprise him . . . there’s a leak in the dining room . . . there’s a pretend injury . . . you get the idea. This year, like so many years past, he knew what to expect so when the knock came at his door he was surprised when 4 Mariachi band members & staff entered his office causing an instant Fiesta. It truly astounded & surprised Sam. Chef Jose (here 32 years) had commissioned the band to play throughout the party, with the staff & many of the residents in attendance. Lupe (here 33 yrs) prepared & arranged for the wonderful food, desserts and decorations. Costumes were worn, singing & music was in the air and everyone had a smile on their face, a sparkle in their eye and song on their lips . . . or was that chocolate. Great Party . . . . . wonder what they’ll do next year.


The Ice Cream Social

Great medicine on a hot October afternoon;

Today during the ice cream social Gedalia had every one’s attention. As the music played, he danced the tango and added some signature moves. The residents loved the excitement & everyone cheered him on. The ice cream social gets our residents moving, out of their rooms, socializing and laughing. During the social, which takes place usually every Friday, we serve various flavors of ice cream from chocolate to pineapple-coconut. Some residents use this hour as their time to shine and show off their talents: Stella (famous in the Catskills) plays classical and old time favorites on the piano; Gedalia plays the harmonica and sings “Besame Mucho”; while others show their skill and gracefully dance the tango, waltz, and other ballroom dances. Each week brings a new flavor, new dance partners, new surprises, and new fun.


Emeritus Music with Matthew- for the Mind & Soul

Professor Matthew Hetz says; Emeritus Music is dedicated towards providing a deeper understanding of music and increasing the enjoyment of listening.  In the class, ear training (the playing of scales and musical examples on a piano) is done to stimulate mental activities; to acquaint the listener to music terms; and to sharpen the listening to music.  After ear training, DVDs, CDs and videos are played of musicals; performances-classical and popular music; biographies of composers and musicians; operas; ballet and so forth.  The class is 90 minutes on Mondays, from 10-11:30AM.

Always making & teaching Beautiful Music
Matthew Hetz is a composer, teacher, and is the President and Executive Director of the Culver City Symphony Orchestra.

About the Artist – Linda Levi

The “Art Wall” of Holiday Villa East

Linda Levi has talent in various mediums: paints, charcoal, computer, and wood. She has mastered these skills and has taught at UCLA and the USC Emeritus Class. In 1993, she worked with wood, paint, letters, and fruit. In doing so, she created 6-foot tall sculptures that use several distorted letters placed next to their respective fruits.

                Art by Linda Levy

The outcome was a well-received work of art. This collection of sculptures inspired the work displayed on the “Art Wall” of Holiday Villa East. The images depict the use of distorted letters, fruits and multiple images that represent the letter pictured with it. Each group of images is a combination of computer drawn and actual photographs composed together in a seamless blend.  The use of vivid colors capture your attention & beg you to try & find the letter in each picture frame.