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Hanukkah starts tonight… It’s eight days long, and Jewish tradition has us lighting the menorah for each night, with the amount of candles increasing each night.  And, talk about excitement… the children love the holiday because they get presents each evening.  Tonight, we had a family night at Holiday Villa East, a Latka (potato pancake) Party.  Many of our children and grandchildren joined us and that made for a special time.  First at sundown, we gathered around the large menorah that we have.  Sam had the honors of lighting the first candle and said a prayer in Hebrew.  Then, Alan translated it to English so the little ones could understand.  Then, it was time to eat!!   Yum, did Chef do a great job with the Latkas.  All homemade, none of those frozen ones.  We ate them covered with apple sauce and sour cream,the traditional way.  To beef up the dinner, we also had brisket with veggies and a salad.  After dinner, the grandchildren played Dreidel (a spinning top) and Hide The Gelt (gold foil wrapped chocolate coins).  Ben’s 10 year old grandson found the most gelt and won first prize, a blue power bank and ear phones for his iPhone.  He immediately pulled out his phone to start playing with it.  There was silence… the ear phones worked!  Laura, Alan’s 16 year old granddaughter won the Dreidel game, closely beating out Harry for a boxed movie set… something about Vampires.  For everyone else, we had little gifts all wrapped up… toys, dvds, Disney movies, chocolates, cookies, brownies, licorice, Harry Potter books (imagine, books!), etc.  We had everything categorized by age ranges, no easy task.  The little ones tore into their gifts, wrapping paper flying everywhere, some even trading with each other.  Not to be forgotten, dessert was assorted cookies and pastries with hot coco, coffee and tea.  So heartwarming to share this evening with them.  We had a wonderful time, a truly special treat.

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